Brian Hoffman
Jay J Brandinger, Brian D Hoffman, Edward T Polkowski: Laser method for shaping of optical lenses. Westar Photonics, Richard C Woodbridge Esq, Woodbridge & Associates P C, May 20, 2003: US06566627 (28 worldwide citation)

A method for making accurate and precise customized corrections to the surface of an optical lens is described. An electronic correction contour is generated from a measured refractive correction for a patient, and transferred to the surface of the lens by ablation etching with one or more laser pul ...

Brian Hoffman
Jay J Brandinger, Brian D Hoffman, Edward T Polkowski: Laser beam shaping device and apparatus for material machining. Westar Photonics, Richard C Woodbridge, Woodbridge & Associates PC, August 12, 2003: US06605796 (22 worldwide citation)

A programmable apparatus for laser beam shaping including a preprogrammable mircomirror array produces a spatial energy distribution suitable for accurately and rapidly marking, machining and processing materials. The preprogrammed micromirror array redistributes the laser output beam energy to prod ...

Brian Hoffman
Jay J Brandinger, Brian D Hoffman, Edward T Polkowski: Modulation of laser energy with a predefined pattern. Westar Photonics, Richard C Woodbridge Esq, Woodbridge & Associates PC, August 12, 2003: US06605799 (3 worldwide citation)

A laser machining device is capable of simultaneously machining two- or three dimentional patterns on the surface of a workpiece. A micromirror array positioned within a laser cavity generates a patterned plurality of laser beamlets which can be homogenized and deflected by a second micromirror arra ...

Bernard N Riskin: Telephone system for connecting a customer to a supplier of goods. Applied Telematics, Richard C Woodbridge, July 12, 1988: US04757267 (635 worldwide citation)

A telephone system automatically connects a potential customer with a nearby dealer who can provide the goods or services desired by the potential customer. The potential customer first dials an "800"-type number which preferably includes digits uniquely characteristic of the product or service desi ...

Roy J Rosser: Set top device for targeted electronic insertion of indicia into video. Princeton Video Image, Richard C Woodbridge, Woodbridge & Associates PC, September 3, 2002: US06446261 (489 worldwide citation)

A method of anonymous targeted insertion of indicia into video broadcasts. Individual televisions or other video reception devices are associated with set-top boxes that monitor the usage and viewing habits of the television set or other video reception device. A viewer profile derived from data acq ...

Geoffrey M Davis: Virtual reality game method and apparatus. MetaMedia Ventures, Richard C Woodbridge, June 13, 1995: US05423554 (414 worldwide citation)

A one or two player virtual reality game efficiently detects and tracks a distinctively colored glove. According to the preferred basketball embodiment, a single player equipped with the distinctively colored glove is matched up against a virtual opponent. The object of the game is for the real play ...

Salvatore Mirando: Electronic video match game. Coastal Amusement Distributors, Richard C Woodbridge, May 2, 1995: US05411271 (241 worldwide citation)

An electronic video game requires the player to match the location of information on a video screen with the correct location of a pushbutton in a corresponding array. Initially, the video screen produces a display showing nine object character icons located in nine different locations in a tic-tac- ...

Daniel M Nosenchuck, Michael G Littman: Multinode reconfigurable pipeline computer. Princeton University, Richard C Woodbridge, March 7, 1989: US04811214 (220 worldwide citation)

A multinode parallel-processing computer is made up of a plurality of innerconnected, large capacity nodes each including a reconfigurable pipeline of functional units such as Integer Arithmetic Logic Processors, Floating Point Arithmetic Processors, Special Purpose Processors, etc. The reconfigurab ...

Jan Rajchman: Electronic microcopier apparatus. Richard C Woodbridge, June 11, 1985: US04523235 (185 worldwide citation)

An electronic microcopier apparatus includes a reading head, an electronic memory and a writing head, all contained within a small case that may be held in the hand. In the reading mode the instrument is passed over images, such as written text, where photosensors read the optical information and tr ...

Robert E Hawkins, Michael D Burke: Patient tracking system. Wildlife Materials, Richard C Woodbridge, March 21, 1989: US04814751 (172 worldwide citation)

A patient tracking system is employed to determine when an occupant leaves the confines of a nursing home or similar institution. Each patient has a transmitter strapped to his or her wrist which emits a signal having a distinctive radio frequency. The corridors of the nursing home include a plurali ...

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