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An integrated circuit interconnect structure is provided, along with a method of forming the integrated circuit interconnect structure. A semiconductor material layer has an elongate trench formed therein. A conducting region is disposed in the trench. An insulator region overlies the conducting reg ...

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A process is disclosed herein for increasing yield in a semiconductor circuity having redundant circuitry for replacing defective normal circuitry in the semiconductor integrated circuit. In the first step, an insufficient sinter operation (50) is carried out in a hydrogen atmosphere at a temperatur ...

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This invention deals with the fabrication of radiation emitting diodes having a small diameter shaped integral microlens formed by etching. Initially an oxide layer is deposited on the backside of the processed slice; then a ring pattern is opened in the oxide. An etch is used to form a ring groove ...

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A method for the fabrication of a cured polyamic acid film having apertures therein selectively etched to provide sidewalls sloped at a controlled angle. Such films are used in the fabrication of integrated circuits having two or more levels of metallization, to provide electrical insulation between ...

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An apparatus and method of forming aluminum balls utilized for ball bonding. The aluminum balls are formed in a moist argon atmosphere by applying an electrical potential across a spark gap causing a spark to occur which causes the end of the aluminum wire to melt, forming an aluminum ball.

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A dynamic random access memory part 30 provides a write per bit feature by locating the respective write mask information latches 118 adjacent the respective local I/O buffers 116. The write mask information thus passes through the data latch 108 and across the data path to the local I/O buffer 116 ...

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An improvement in a communication system is disclosed having a transmitter which transmits a pulse width modulated control signal having a synchronizing pulse, a reference pulse, and at least one control function pulse encoded therein. At least one receiver receives the transmitted control signal an ...

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A hybrid leadframe-over-chip (LOC) semiconductor package is generally comprised of bonding finger elements located over a surface of a semiconductor component and electrically coupled, by means of conducting wires, to the bonding pads located on the surface. In addition, at least one bonding finger ...

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A system of interface circuits (15, 20-1 through 20-N) includes a mode sensing circuit (15) and one or more output circuits (20-1 through 20-N). The mode sensing circuit is arranged for producing control signals (on leads 22, 24) in response to an input signal (on lead 21). The output circuit (34-1) ...

Ernest J Russell: Integrated circuit lead frame for coupling to non-neighboring bond pads. Texas Instruments Incorporated, William W Holloway, Rich Donaldson, Leo Heiting, July 9, 1996: US05534729 (14 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a modular electronic component (10) wherein a sequence: of leads (26) of a lead frame (12) differs from a sequence of bonding pads (16) on an integrated circuit (14). When lead frame (12) is placed adjacent integrated circuit (14), first and second power buses (22) and ...