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A lead from 10 carries an integrated circuit on a die support pad 14. The lead frame has a dam bar including a transverse portion that extends between adjacent leads (20) for limiting mold flash. The dam bar transverse portion 26 is entirely severed from the adjacent leads for final removal by a met ...

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A vertical memory cell EPROM array (FIGS. 1, 1a and 1b) uses a vertical floating gate memory cell structure that can be fabricated with reduced cell area and channel length. The vertical memory cell memory array includes multiple rows of buried layers that are vertically stacked--a drain bitline (34 ...

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An integrated circuit device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the device has a semiconductor chip having an electrical circuit that is connected to a bonding pad. A metal layer overlies the bonding pad, and a metal bump is connected to the metal layer. The metal bump receives power for the electrica ...

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A digital processor system including several function modules where each module includes circuitry to perform at least one computational task and the circuitry to transfer information containing that modules respective computational task capability to a global memory upon initialization of each modu ...

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A processing apparatus and method for performing a descum process (i.e. a process for removal of polymers and other organic residues) which uses a remote plasma, supplied through a distributor which includes a two-stage showerhead, to achieve improved results.

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A digital processing device implemented on a single semiconductor substrate includes an nonvolatile memory for the storage of data and instructions that define operations on the data. The memory is connected to an inhibit logic interface which is in turn connected to an information bus. The informat ...

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A process, and product made thereby, for bonding two wafers together to form a single wafer with a continuous interface, and for selectively burying a low impedance conductor in the wafer, by providing host and guest wafers having substantially the same crystal orientation and periodicity. A crystal ...

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A unital casing structure of a portable electronic appliance such as a handheld or desktop calculator, comprising at least two panel sections having a straight boundary line therebetween and integrally coupled together across the boundary line whereby the panel sections are foldable with respect to ...