James Reuss
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A limited use medical probe is disclosed, including a memory for maintaining a use value. The medical probe is coupled to a medical device that inhibits its function when the use value reaches a predetermined threshold value, preventing improper use of the probe. The probe memory may also store iden ...

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The new fluorocarbon-functionalized polythiophenes, in particular, &agr;,&ohgr;-diperfluorohexylsexithiophene DFH-6T (1) can be straightforwardly prepared in high yield and purified by gradient sublimation. Introduction of perfluorocarbon chains on the thiophene core affords enhanced thermal stabili ...

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Amphiphilic Group VIII metathesis catalysts, as can be used in a range of polymerization reactions and other chemical methodologies.



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A convection oven that achieves a substantially enhanced degree of air flow through the use of a special nozzle design. Turbo flow air nozzles create an air flow pattern to provide higher velocity airflow with a smaller fan size and ductwork. The turbo flow air nozzles include main supply nozzles th ...

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An apparatus and method for treatment of water borne oxidized contaminants, using hydrogen as an electron donor for denitrification and reduction of other oxidized contaminants. Preliminary results reported here show that a biofilm of autotrophic denitrifiers accumulates rapidly in the wastewater se ...

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A conductive atomic force microscopy (cAFM) technique which can concurrently monitor topography, charge transport, and electroluminescence with nanometer spatial resolution. This cAFM approach is particularly well suited for probing the electroluminescent response characteristics of operating organi ...

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Amphiphilic oligo(p-phenylene vinylene) compounds and methods of use en route to self-assembled composites and device fabrication.

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New organic light-emitting diodes and related electroluminescent devices and methods for fabrication, using siloxane self-assembly techniques.