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Card reader data logic for reading information from a coded card in either a first or second position is disclosed. Once one position of the card as presented has been determined, the data logic interprets each pattern provided on each column of the coded card and generates a compressed code denotin ...

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A patient-specimen identification system provides error-free identification of a specimen or sample from the time it is taken from a patient to the time when the results of the sample analysis are reported. Machine-readable labels are attached to the patient and to each container in which a sample o ...

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A variable masking technique and apparatus for simultaneously accessing under program control a variable number of bytes b of information stored in groups of i bytes per group in any of n modules of a storage device that is capable of operating in any of m storage modes. Storage is provided by a mul ...

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Apparatus included within a memory system which comprises a plurality of memory modules is operative in response to command signals to remove automatically modules detected as faulty during system operation and to reconfigure the remaining modules to form a continuous address space.

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for monitoring the accuracy of electronic data transmitted over a communication channel or telemetry link. An error code is generated for a unit of data transmitted and one for a unit of data received. The error code for a unit of data received is transmitted to ...

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An emulator for use in a data processing system for providing simulation of the machine wait state of the emulated central processor. A combination of hardware, firmware and software is provided to allow processing in the native mode of the data processing system while the emulated processor is in t ...

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Computer data and procedure protection by preventing processes from interferring with each other or sharing each other's address space in an unauthorized manner is accomplished in hardware/firmware by restricting addressability to a segmented memory and by a ring protection mechanism.To protect info ...

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A microprogrammable processor is operative to control a plurality of disk storage devices in response to channel commands received from the input/output processor of the system. The microprogrammable processor includes storage which allows buffering of search argument bytes received from the input/o ...

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A multi-level storage system providing multiple levels of storage comprising a high-speed low capacity storage device (buffer store) coupled serially to successive levels of lower speed, higher capacity storage devices including means for varying key physical buffer store parameters such as mapping, ...

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A transducer positioning system is disclosed wherein a transducer is positioned over a magnetic disc by sensing previously recorded information. The information consists of separately identifiable magnetic recordings occurring on adjacent tracks of a disc surface. The information is sensed by a serv ...