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A system for linking a first member with a second member. The system is comprised of a first plurality of micromechanical barbs disposed on the first member. The system is also comprised of a second plurality of micromechanical barbs disposed on the second member. The barbs on the first member and t ...

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An apparatus for transferring two frequencies of electromagnetic energy to and from a portion of a living body for the purpose of blood oxygen saturation measurements. The two frequencies of electromagnetic energy are transferred to the portion of the living body through a single optical fiber cable ...

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In a method for fabricating an integrated circuit interconnect upon a semiconductor substrate an integrated circuit component is formed upon the surface of the semiconductor substrate. A copper interconnect is formed and electrically coupled to the integrated circuit component. A metal is introduced ...

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A three-dimensional scaffold for tissue generation. Mechanical fasteners allow layered and volumetric scaffold sections, which may be pre-seeded with cells and/or growth factors, to be assembled into a heterogeneous generated tissue for implantation.

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Blends of biodegradable polymers, preferably poly(caprolactone) and poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic) acid are discussed as well as their applications in the medical field, particularly with regard to bone tissue engineering. Preferably, hydroxyapatite ("HA") granules are incorporated into the blends and ...

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A system is provided with a voice activated control apparatus which permits precise control of one or more system variables by means of voice commands uttered by the system operator. When a system variable is in a movement or change mode, the movement or change is terminated by any sound exceeding a ...

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A mouthpiece valve for breathing equipment which utilizes a spring-loaded axially movable valve disc to close the connection to the breathing equipment when the valve is in an inoperative position. To lock the valve in the closed position, it is provided with two tapered pins which are externally in ...

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A distributed office automation system includes workstations and support stations which are interconnected via a network and which make use of the functionality of one another by subcontracting tasks. Various function modules are available in the system for numerous tasks and the system provides a d ...

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A system and method for parallel execution of logic programs on a computer network comprising two or more local-memory processors includes a logic program interpreter resident on all processors in the system. The interpreter commences execution of a logic program on one processor and, based on the r ...

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The subject invention relates to a novel system for rapid, venous infusion of a physiologic fluid, such as blood, into a patient, comprising in combination a reservoir for the physiologic fluid having an inlet port for receiving the physiologic fluid and an outlet port for dispensing the physiologic ...