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A method of chemically etching TiW and/or TiWN is described wherein the etching of a semiconductor substrate having a layers of TiWN, TiW and Au disposed between the substrate and a Au bump is performed with a 30% solution of hydrogen peroxide (H.sub.2 O.sub.2) at a temperature of approximately 90.d ...

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Method and apparatus for operating a CRC in a parallel, quasi parallel or serial fashion. The device allows all the bits in a word to be read and loaded into the cyclic redundancy checker (CRC) register in one clock cycle putting it in sync with the rest of the system. The CRC consists of a set of l ...

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An apparatus and method is disclosed of providing higher quality speech transmission and reproduction. The present invention consists of a standard 2400 BPS transmitter with the addition of an additional 2400 BPS through a residual signal combined with the standard 2400 BPS signal. The addition of t ...

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In a frequency hopping cellular communication system (40) having a number of base sites (41-48) and using mobile assisted handoff, a method is offered of providing base site identification signals. The method includes the steps of assigning each base site of the number of base sites to a slot of a i ...

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A remote power measuring device (1) is used to measure the power output of the transmission system (20). The measured power is then transmitted to a controller (5) and used by the controller (5), along with preset calibration data (41) for each power amplifier (3), to determine power output adjustme ...

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A method of providing communication services in a cellular communication system which consists of a plurality of service coverage areas having a plurality of shared frequency microcells. Each microcell has an omnidirectional, remote antenna interconnected with a base site. The method consists of rec ...

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An apparatus and method is disclosed for allowing faster and higher fidelity signals to be transmitted from a PC board to an IC by maintaining a constant impedance from the PC board to the IC. A leadless chip connector is used with a ground plane mounted co-planar to the conductor. As the conductor ...

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A password scheme wherein a node is provided a configuration message at start-up which configures a shell of the node directing a search order of network password files. The node, group, and network password files are then transparently searched in the order specified by the configuration message.

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Each of a plurality of transmitters (31-37) transmits (62) one of a plurality of known signals. The known signals being known to a receiver (40). The receiver (40) then measures the known signals (63); and using those measurements, estimates the plurality of channel responses (64). The channel respo ...

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A spin-on glass consisting of, by volume: 1.0 parts tetraethoxysilane (TEOS, also known as tetraethylorthosilicate), methyltriethoxysilane, and dimethyldiethoxysilane in a 2/1/1 ratio; 1.1 parts ethanol (EtOH, also known as ethyl alcohol); 0.0002 parts hydrochloric acid (HCl); and 0.26 parts water ( ...