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Wave soldering is accomplished in an enclosure having an atmosphere which is substantially free of oxygen and which provides a fluxing action due to the presence of a gaseous reducing agent. A conveyor carries articles to be soldered through the enclosure by means of an entrance and exit which are p ...

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A semiconductor device including a metallurgically compatible unplated package is provided. The package includes a plateless copper alloy die mount area to which a semiconductor die is attached. The semiconductor die is metallized on its mounting surface to provide electrical contact. A metallic sol ...

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A base site (100) employs a method and apparatus for selecting two of a plurality of antennas (101-106) from which to receive a communication signal. A first signal quality metric is measured for a communication signal received from a first antenna (102) and a second signal quality metric is measure ...

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Laser marking of metal surfaces, particularly semiconductor device packages, is accomplished by depositing an electroless nickel layer on the surface, converting the nickel surface to a form in which it is highly absorptive of radiant energy and exposing the converted nickel surface to laser energy ...

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The transmit power margin of frame error rate for each subscriber in the system is measured to determine if any "bad" subscribers, those subscribers with transmit power margins of frame error rates that cross a threshold, are in the system. If the system is under capacity, the threshold level is set ...

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The database is provided with an audit trail for the structure types of the object instances. As a component of an object instance of the database is corrected/changed, the corrected/changed component is substituted for the original component and the original component is linked to the corrected/cha ...

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A magnetically enhanced plasma etch reactor utilizing electromagnets for rotation and translational scans of a linear magnetic field in a reaction chamber to produce a dense and uniform plasma for the etch of a workpiece.

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A first plurality of contacts are disposed on a first surface of a flexible tape in a pattern matching the pattern of the contacts of a semiconductor die. A second plurality of contacts are disposed on a second surface of the flexible tape in a pattern matching the pattern of the contacts of a subst ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for echo canceling which includes double-talk immunity. The echo canceller (15) according to the present invention includes a double-talk detector (17) which uses an adaptive double-talk detection threshold (214) and an accurate estimation of reference energy (106 ...

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An apparatus comprising a plurality of disks made up of interconnect devices enclosed in a housing is disclosed. The disks each have a plurality of connectors disposed about their peripheries such that the disks may be stacked and the plurality of connectors will form bus lines for the device. A con ...