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A requesting manager sends a message to its local configuration processor requesting notice of status changes in a general or particular, resource or node. The configuration manager establishes a record in its status monitoring file containing the information from the requesting process' message. Th ...

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There is provided a mechanism for networking satellite and terrestrial networks. It comprises: maintaining subscriber-received power levels of terrestrial network transmissions about one order of magnitude above co-channel satellite transmissions to overcome interference and maintaining subscriber t ...

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Mobility is provided for wireless local loop radiotelephone systems by providing the home access network of a subscriber unit with a home access number. Upon registration of the subscriber unit with its home access network, the home access number is transmitted to the subscriber unit for storage the ...

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A user, after accessing (41) the communication system (10), selects (42) a paged email service option. In response, the communication system (10) dispatches (43) a service logic block to a service node proxy (110) of an email system (101-105). The service logic block is deposited (44) in a site-spec ...

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A hospital information system comprises a data processing system including a plurality of terminals having display means and data entry means. Patient information is entered into the system via the terminals, is organized hierarchically in the system, and may be displayed to users having proper acce ...

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The apparatus first measures the peak power of a multichannel signal, or representation thereof. The peak power is compared with one or more peak power threshold values. If the measured peak power exceeds a threshold value, the multichannel signal is attenuated prior to being processed by the linear ...

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A communication system having a site employing a plurality of communication channels. Each channel is assigned a desired received signal strength threshold. A channel is assigned to a subscriber unit based upon the strength of the signal received at the site and the power control range of the subscr ...

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The power of a received signal is measured at a base station. This measured power is used to predict a future power level of the received signal and from that to determine the appropriate power adjustment command. The power adjustment command is then sent to the transceiver.

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