Lewis E Shoemaker, Thomas O Bates: Welding electrode. Inco Alloys International, Edward A Steen, Raymond J Kenny, January 27, 1987: US04639576 (22 worldwide citation)

A consumable electrode including a core wire and a coating adapted for welding clad steel products. The resulting weld deposit overcomes the problem of iron dilution which tends to degrade the weld when available electrodes are utilized. Such clad products are often exposed to sulfur and acidified c ...

Gaylord D Smith, Jack M Wheeler, Stephen C Tassen: Nickel-chromium alloy of improved fatigue strength. Inco Alloys International, Raymond J Kenny, Francis J Mulligan, August 23, 1988: US04765956 (22 worldwide citation)

Nickel-chromium alloys consisting essentially of from 30-75 nickel, 12-30% chromium, up to 10% molybdenum, up to 8% tungsten, up to 15% cobalt, up to 5% of niobium and/or tantalum, titanium plus aluminum up to 5%, and carbon nitrogen and silicon in correlated percentages to thereby improve low cycle ...

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Discloses that in the hydrogenation of liquid, carbonaceous crude material such as bitumen and other heavy oils, a catalyst derived from the addition of Fe.sub.2 (CO).sub.9 is advantageously used to provide a superior yield of distillable oils compared to prior practice.

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An improved process for hot working of dispersion-strengthened mechanically alloyed aluminum is provided based on a disclosed unconventional response of such material to thermomechanical processing. The process permits optimization of strength and workability and the production of aluminum alloys of ...

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A process is provided for forming a polymeric material which can be developed into a shaped polymeric structure comprising an active material encradled in a porous, fiber-containing polymeric composition. In the process, the active material is mixed with a tripartite system comprising a fibrillatabl ...

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A method is provided for producing dispersion-strengthened mechanically alloyed Al-Li alloys with improved mechanical properties. The method comprises subjecting mechanically alloyed, degassed, consolidated Al-Li powders consisting essentially of from above 1.5% up to about 3.5% lithium from about 0 ...

Avigdor M Ronn: Production of chain reactions by laser chemistry. Research Foundation of City University of New York, Raymond J Kenny, Ewan C MacQueen, August 10, 1982: US04343687 (21 worldwide citation)

Directed to the use of non-resonant laser energy to initiate reactions in reaction mixtures containing ingredients of the kind and in the amounts capable of forming chain reactions.

John R England, Richard L Riach: In-the-hole drill. Inco, Edward A Steen, Raymond J Kenny, January 20, 1987: US04637475 (20 worldwide citation)

A compact, easily disassembled, minimum headroom drilling unit is disclosed. The drill, especially useful for newly developed vertical retreat mining methods, drills at compound angles from the vertical and horizontal directions. Low headroom is achieved by the employment of a double acting hydrauli ...

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A hydrometallurgical process is provided for separating heavy metal nuisance elements such as As, Sb, Bi, Sn and Pb from precious metals and/or selenium. The process can be used as a step in an overall hydrometallurgical process for treating refinery residues such as anode slimes for the separation ...

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A radiantly heated, travelling hearth furnace having a supplementary feed means positioned intermediate the initial loading point and the final take-off point to increase the capacity of the furnace for treating objects fed thereto. When the objects are pellets of iron oxide and carbonaceous reducta ...