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A method and apparatus for detecting predetermined operating conditions of a machine driven by an electric motor, in which a filtered electric signal is utilized. The filter is designed to signal the occurrence of frequencies within a predetermined band, thereby enabling detection of an event charac ...

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A dispersion-strengthened ferritic alloy is provided which has high temperature strength and is readily fabricable at ambient temperatures and which is useful as structural elements of liquid metal fast breeder reactors.

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A novel laminated composite material of gold-colored appearance especially suited for, but not limited to, coinage applications has a ferromagnetic core located between sheathing layers of a Cu-Al or Cu-Ni-Al alloy and separated therefrom by layers of copper. Alternative methods involving hot and/or ...

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A process is provided for treating a matte for selective extraction of nonferrous metals using a single stage oxidative pressure leach wherein leaching is carried out in a continuous manner and relatively mild conditions on an aqueous slurry of the matte having a specific sulfur adjustment, having c ...

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Discloses an improvement in furnacing objects on the top surface of an impervious rotating hearth in a directly fired rotary hearth furnace by the use of fuel burning with a luminous flame e.g., coal.

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A countercurrent fluid cooled conveying screw is disclosed. Suitable for furnace applications, the screw includes an outer shaft spatially circumscribing an inner tube. A plurality of hollow, fluid cooled flights are affixed to the outer shaft and are in fluid flow communication with coolant coursin ...

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Nickel-base alloys containing special and correlated percentages of chromium, iron, molybdenum, titanium, columbium, aluminum etc. (i) provide an attractive combination of strength, ductility, resistance to environmental media and other desirable characteristics, (ii) can be processed by cold workin ...

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A spark-ignited internal combustion engine exhaust valve having on critical surfaces thereof, e.g. on the stem where exhaust gases impinge, an aluminide from the group of nickel and titanium aluminides.

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A process for sequentially and selectively separating gold and platinum group metals from aqueous solutions containing them is disclosed.

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Directed to a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy containing about 1.3% to about 3% of aluminum plus titanium, which is particularly useful where corrosion resistance, strength and ductility are required, such as in oil well tubing.