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A process for producing composite materials which comprises subjecting particles of a malleable matrix material, i.e., a metal or alloy or the components of a matrix alloy and particles of a reinforcing material such as a carbide or an oxide or an intermetallic to energetic mechanical milling under ...

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An improvement in the production of a cell electrode system comprises a process in which a fibrillatable polymer, an electrode active material and a removable, polymeric pore-former are subjected to conditions to convert the polymer by a dry process technique to fibrous form and to form a compositio ...

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The cyanide content of waste waters containing the same is removed by treatment with sulfur dioxide or an alkali or alkaline earth metal sulfite or bisulfite in the presence of excess oxygen and a metal catalyst which is perferably copper.

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A process in which ferric ion in water-soluble form is added to an effluent containing cyanide, arsenic and antimony and having a pH of about 5 to 9 and treating effluent with SO.sub.2 and oxygen in the presence of soluble copper to produce a treated effluent having very low contents of cyanide, ars ...

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Discloses a cast grid for supporting active mass in a lead-acid battery and gathering current from the active mass, the grid being characterized by a quasi-radial design adapted to provide efficient battery operation.

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Aluminum-base alloys and a method of preparing aluminum-base alloys by mechanical alloying in the presence of a carbidiferous processing aid wherein a strong carbide former such as titanium is included so as to produce carbides in the final alloy more thermally stable at temperatures in excess of 10 ...

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A nickel-base alloy containing correlated percentages of chromium, cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, aluminum, carbon, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, hafnium, boron, yttrium and lanthanum displays excellent stress rupture strength at elevated temperatures together with good corrosion resistance ...

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A fast-acting, self-resetting hydride actuator comprising an enclosure containing hydrogen, and an actuating means communicating with the interior of the enclosure responsive to changes in pressure of the hydrogen gas and adapted to provide an actuating force based upon a change in pressure of the h ...

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A hydrogen sorbent composition is provided which is comprised of a hydridable material such as LaNi.sub.5 encradled throughout a porous, fiber-containing polymeric composition.

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An improved metal-air button cell is provided. The cell is comprised of the following components: a conductive metal can, a cathode assembly in the can, a conductive metal cover, and a separator between the cathode assembly, wherein the metal cover and separator provide borders of a space in which a ...