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A process is disclosed for producing a high density spray cast metal body from a highly energetic atomized metal stream by directing said atomized stream into the interior of a mold and causing said stream to scan and fill said mold interior by effecting relative movement between said atomized metal ...

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An improved metal-oxygen button cell having a thermoplastic sealing annular ring placed between the cathode assembly and the grommet is provided. The cell basically is comprised of the following components: a conductive metal can, a cathode assembly in the can, a conductive metal cover, an anode mat ...

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A method for reducing passivation of a lithium anode used in a cell having a liquid thionyl chloride cathode is disclosed, characterized in that the anode is coated before the assembly of the cell with a solution of an alkyl 2-cyanoacrylate, a solvent, and lithium perchlorate.

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A method for forming intermetallic and intermetallic-type precursor alloys for subsequent mechanical alloying applications. Elemental powders are blended in proportions approximately equal to their respective intermetallic compounds. Heating of the blend results in the formation of intermetallic com ...

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Discloses a hydrogen compressor having two series of chambers or hydride containers specifically located in a pair of jackets adapted to contain flowing heat exchange liquid, e.g. water. The series of chambers are connected through a check valve arrangement and flow of hot and cold water through sai ...

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An improvement in the production of polymer-bonded cell electrodes comprises forming a particulate material which can be developed into a shaped polymeric system comprising an electrode active material encradled in a porous, fiber-containing, polymeric composition. In a preferred embodiment, the pol ...

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An improved method is provided for producing mechanically alloyed powders on a commercial scale comprising milling the components of the powder product in a gravity-dependent-type ball mill to produce a powder having a characteristic apparent density. Powder so produced will have reached an acceptab ...

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Directed to a welding flux and covered welding electrodes, and, more particularly, to covered electrodes having a nickel-chromium-iron alloy core and a special flux coating or covering, which electrode is capable of joining similar and dissimilar metals and which produces, in all positions, sound we ...

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The invention is directed to a process for producing metal powder through atomizing in which a molten metal stream is subjected to the influence of a plurality but correlated sets of atomization jets by virtue of which a disintegrating medium exits from the jets at a velocity of at least Mach No. 1, ...

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A process for producing composite materials which comprises subjecting particles of a malleable matrix material, i.e., a metal or alloy or the components of a matrix alloy and particles of a reinforcing material such as a carbide or an oxide or an intermetallic to energetic mechanical milling under ...