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Exercise equipment having a reciprocating extendible and retractible tension transmitting device is equipped with a control which restricts the extension to a constant velocity and impose a compulsory constant velocity retraction. The control may be hydraulic or electrical and may be a linear actuat ...

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An improved material particularly suited for the thermal insulation of building structures, such as residential housing, and a process for making the same, are disclosed. The thermally insulating composite comprises a low-density, cellular, fiber-containing, cementitious material and at least one st ...

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Rental equipment such as television sets are provided with a timer which operates a relay to connect power to the equipment only during the time for which rental has been paid. The timer includes a magnetic reader head and decoder to produce digital signals corresponding with a magnetic strip which ...

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An improved material particularly suited for the thermal insulation of building structures such as residential housing. The material comprises an inorganic, low-density cellular thermally insulating foam comprising a gypsum matrix having minute cavities homogeneously distributed therein. The materia ...

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A power line data transmission system is disclosed in which data is transmitted over a line carrying alternating current power by varying or modulating the power factor of the line or the phase angle of the power on the line in accordance with a signal to be transmitted. A series connected reactance ...

G Michael Swor: Disposable suture cutter and needle holder. Charles J Prescott, Raymond H Quist, November 13, 1990: US04969893 (41 worldwide citation)

A disposable suture cutter and needle holder for a suture needle having thread thereon has a supporting base for a foamed plastic needle holder. A cutting blade having foamed plastic disposed adjacent to it is also mounted on the supporting structure. In one embodiment the supporting structure is in ...

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Two metal blocks, each having a cylindrical passage containing a rod, and a slot extending from one side to the cylindrical passage, also have a hole extending across the slots. A threaded member passes through the hole in one block and into threads contained in the other block beyond the slot. A co ...

Billie J Skelly: All terrain dolly for wheeled devices. Charles J Prescott, Raymond H Quist, February 20, 1990: US04902027 (35 worldwide citation)

A dolly having large surface bearing area wheels has a frame upon which a wheeled device with wheels having insufficient surface bearing area for the terrain desired to be traversed can be supported. The dolly has a handle for propelling it. The structure may be built with provision for folding it t ...

Eugene L Berger: Downhole pressure measurements of drilling mud. General Electric Company, Allen E Amgott, Raymond H Quist, November 3, 1981: US04297880 (35 worldwide citation)

Pressure measurements of drilling mud inside the drill string and outside by transducers mounted in an instrumentation sub near the drill bit provide rapid notice of the instrusion of fluids or solids into the borehole and also permit appropriate adjusting of the mud pumping pressure.

Francis L Love: Fishing accessory container. Charles J Prescott, Raymond H Quist, July 26, 1988: US04759148 (34 worldwide citation)

A commonly available five gallon pail is used as the base structure for a fishing accessory container. A compartmented insert is sized to fit in the pail and is supported by a rim which overlies the rim of the pail. A lid, which may be a domed lid hinged to the insert, provides a cover for the inser ...