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A vehicle lamp assembly includes a housing and an LED lamp carried in the housing. A signal mirror, includes a mirror; and an LED lamp. The LED lamp includes a heat extraction member.

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A method of determining a location relevant to a user of a communication device is provided. The method involves determining general location information of the location relevant to the user and determining a list of location parameters from the general location information. Specific location of the ...

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A system and method of automatically controlling vehicle headlamps includes an image sensor and a controller to generate headlamp control signals.

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A universal power transformer (101) is for connection to an AC power source and produces a regulated DC voltage at an output thereof. The power transformer includes a power transformer housing (102) with a recess (114). A universal power converter circuit (313) is positioned in the housing. Connecto ...

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A method (300) for entering a character into an electronic device (100) is provided. The method (300) includes displaying (301) input character keys (204) on a touch sensitive region (202) of a display screen (105) of the device (100), the keys identifying an associated character. Next, a display st ...

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An apparatus enabling multiple client devices to access a SIM card, coupled to a server device, along a local link, that includes a SIM card interface and a router unit. The SIM card interface couples the SIM card to the server device, formats the commands from the client devices for transmission to ...

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A latching mechanism (160) disposed on an accessory (102) for attaching the accessory (102) to a portable device (100) includes a support (164) and a latch (162) disposed about opposite ends (150, 152) that mate with first and second portions (206 and 300, 302) of a retaining device (123) disposed a ...

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A load envelope following (LEF) amplifier system to increase the efficiency of amplification systems that employ linear modulation schemes. The LEF system has a signal amplifier for receiving an input signal that has an amplitude modulation (AM) envelope. The signal amplifier produces an amplified v ...


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An amplifier contains an RF generated negative supply wherein the RF input of the negative generator is connected to the RF input of a first power amplifier stage. This arrangement allows the power supplies to be turned-on in the correct order, thus, avoiding any damage to the transistors or power s ...