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The artificial spinal disc of the invention is intended to articulate in a manner resembling a human knee articulation. The artificial spinal disc includes two plates each having a planar outer surface and an articulating inner surface. The planar outer surfaces contact adjacent inferior and superio ...

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A driver type, hollow-bodied golf club head in which multiple parameters are controlled to be within defined ranges of values to enhance the performance and playability of the club. The parameters which are controlled include the club head's maximum dimensions, the position of the center-of-gravity, ...

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A flexible shield or apron formed of a biocompatible material is placed between adjacent vertebral bodies and the vessels and body structure anterior of the spine subsequent to the performance of an anterior spinal surgical procedure. The apron is secured to adjacent vertebral bodies by conventional ...

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A coupling apparatus is provided for quick coupling of pumping equipment to a cylindrical member. The coupling apparatus includes at least one sealing member that may be hydraulically biased to provide a fluid tight seal between the coupling apparatus and a cylindrical member.

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Compositions and methods for tracking the transport of particulate solids during the production of hydrocarbons from a subterranean formation.

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A fluid mass flow controller, particularly adapted for controlling mass flow rates of toxic and reactive gases used in semiconductor device fabrication, includes a control circuit connected to pressure sensors for sensing the differential pressure across a flow restrictor in the mass flow controller ...

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A low density, spherical proppant made from kaolin clay having an alumina content distributed homogeneously throughout the pellets, an apparent specific gravity of from about 1.60 to about 2.10 g/cc, and a bulk density of from about 0.95 to about 1.30 g/cc. The low density is achieved by controlling ...

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A fluid dispensing apparatus is provided which comprises a flexible, collapsible fluid container in fluid communication with an adjustable volume multi-dose dispensing means.

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The present invention provides an iron-type golf club head having a bridge member across a cavity on its rear surface, which member influences the trajectory of a golf ball struck by the club head. By altering the bridge member orientation across the cavity on the rear surface, the club head can be ...

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A device for transdermal administration of a drug comprises a reservoir containing the drug and a supporting strap, or band, which substantially surrounds a limb of the patient and holds the reservoir in position on a limb of the patient. The reservoir is generally non permeable to the drug, but has ...