Charles Sperry
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A solid imaging apparatus and method employing sub-pixel shifting in multiple exposures of the digitally light projected image of a cross-section of a three-dimensional object on a solidifiable liquid medium. The multiple exposures provide increased resolution, preserving image features in a three-d ...

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A phase change ink composition is indirectly applied to a substrate by raising the temperature of the phase change ink composition to form a liquid phase change ink composition, applying droplets of the phase change ink composition in a liquid phase to a liquid intermediate transfer surface on a sol ...

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A method and the apparatus for employing the method are disclosed whereby an intermediate transfer surface of a layer of sacrificial liquid is applied to a supporting surface and a phase change ink is deposited on the liquid layer. The inked image is then contact transferred to a final receiving sub ...

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A phase change ink composition is disclosed wherein the ink composition utilizes polymeric dyes in combination with a selected phase change ink carrier composition.

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A triggerable ink transfer system that simultaneously transfers ink from a plurality of ink preload chambers to corresponding load chambers and ink reservoirs is disclosed. The delivery system permits an untrained operator to safely load ink without inadvertently interchanging different types (e.g. ...

Jeffrey J Anderson: Ink jet head with internal filter. Tektronix, Ralph D Alessandro, February 6, 1996: US05489930 (123 worldwide citation)

An internal ink filter (12) located within an ink jet print head (10) is formed by overlapping filter portions (100 and 102) of two laminated plates (22 and 24) that comprise the print head. Each plate includes an array of holes (120) in the filter portion. The individual holes have an opening dimen ...

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An improved ink stick supply assembly is provided for a solid ink color printer which reliability feeds solid ink sticks from an ink stick loading bin to ink stick melt plates which melt the ink sticks on demand and guide the molten ink into individual color ink reservoirs in the printer print head. ...

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A solid ink stick feed system for use in a color printer is disclosed that utilizes a plurality of ink stick feed receptacles in an ink stick feed bin of predetermined shapes corresponding to the plurality of shapes of the ink sticks such that an incorrectly matched ink stick shape or incorrectly or ...

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Resins and waxes made by reacting selected nucleophiles, including alcohols and/or amines, with an isocyanate are disclosed. The order of addition of the isocyanate and the different nucleophiles can tailor the distribution of di-urethane, mixed urethane/urea, and/or di-urea molecules in the final r ...

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An ink jet array print head (101) includes four media-width linear ink jet arrays (100). Ink flows from four sets of manifolds (106) through acoustically matched inlet filters (116), inlet ports (117), inlet channels (118), pressure chamber ports (120), and ink pressure chambers (122). Ink leaves th ...