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A display including a current drive circuit capable of supplying a desired current to a light-emitting element in each pixel stably and accurately irrespective of the characteristic variations of active elements in the pixel, thereby providing a high-definition image. Each pixel is composed of a rec ...

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A rearview mirror assembly is provided for a vehicle which incorporates a self-contained magnetic field sensor in the mirror housing. When mounted to a fixed pivot point in a single ball mounting bracket, the mirror housing pivots around the magnetic field sensor. When the magnetic field sensor is m ...

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A portable surface cleaning apparatus has a base for movement along a surface to be cleaned and an upright handle pivotally attached to a rearward portion of the base. A fluid dispensing nozzle for applying fluid to the surface and a suction nozzle for picking up fluid and debris from the surface ar ...

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The invention is a trailing arm suspension with a steerable axle assembly having a caster angle controlling the direction at which the axle steers. A lift axle suspension or a lockout device is provided to lift the wheels from a ground engaging position or to lock the position of the wheels, respect ...

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A lightweight expandable baffle for sealing a cavity of a vehicle body at a predetermined cross section of the cavity defined by cavity walls includes a rigid support plate having an outer periphery with a shape generally corresponding to but smaller than the shape of the cross section of the cavity ...

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A microprocessor system intended for safety-critical control systems includes two synchronously operated central units (

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The invention concerns a process for shortening the braking distance of a vehicle equipped with a brake servo unit which during a standard braking action is only triggered by the brake pedal pressure caused by the driver and in case of a critical driving situation is so triggered by a control device ...

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A dash mat for blocking the transfer of sound from a vehicle engine compartment, through a firewall, and into a passenger compartment. The dash mat being mounted to the firewall and comprising a planar sheet in which is formed a channel for receiving a vehicle accessory, such as a wiring harness, an ...

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The invention relates to a water extraction cleaning machine having a variable solution mixing valve adapted to create cleaning solution mixtures of variable constituent ratios. Clean water and detergent are provided from tanks supported on the water extraction cleaning machines. The size of the det ...

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A multi-compartment container includes a partition member located in the container a pair of lids pivotally attached to the partition member. Each lid includes a pair of integrally molded hinge arms and one or more integrally molded cantilevered hinge pins extends laterally from each of the hinge ar ...