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A thickened composition comprising a polymer, a divalent ions source, water and cement is disclosed. Such composition enables fluid loss reduction and higher gel strength. This may be useful for treating a well for example as a fluid spacer or a scavenger; this may also be used a hydraulic fracturin ...

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An electron acceleration portion of a Betatron having a vacuum chamber with an interior wall spaced from an exterior wall with a main electron orbit located approximate to the exterior wall and the interior wall. An electron injector has an anode structured and arranged adjacent a wall selected from ...

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A maintenance system includes a plurality of wellsite equipment located at or nearby a wellsite, and a communication interface device for monitoring data that is representative of a health status of the equipment. The system further includes a database containing prior health status of the equipment ...

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Methods and related systems are described for controlling inflow of fluid into a production string. In aspects, the invention provides an inflow control device with a shut-off feature that is operated automatically utilizing swellable materials.

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A mechanism for pressurized delivery of material into a well without exposure to a high pressure pump. The mechanism may include material delivery equipment that is coupled to the high pressure pump or other pressure inducing equipment through a material carrier that intersects a fluid line from the ...

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A downhole logging tool is equipped with a modified Helmholtz resonator for facilitating acoustic formation evaluation and reservoir characterization. The resonator permits calculation of sound speed and viscosity of the fluid in the resonator cavity. The presence of gas bubbles in the fluid may als ...