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A method of in vitro or in vivo nuclear magnetic resonance and/or magnetic resonance imaging, to determine bone properties by measuring the effects of molecular diffusion inside the bone specimen to derive parameters that are related to the structure of the trabecular bones. The method is a non-inva ...

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Certain embodiments described herein are directed to silane coupling agents that may be used, for example, to covalently couple a polymer to a filler. In some examples, devices that include the polymer-silane coupling agent-filler compositions are also described.

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A method of fracturing multiple zones within a wellbore formed in a subterranean formation is carried out by forming flow-through passages in two or more zones within the wellbore that are spaced apart from each other along the length of a portion of the wellbore. The flow-through passages within ea ...

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A composition and method are disclosed. The composition includes a carrier fluid and a solids mixture combined to form a slurry, wherein the solids mixture comprises a plurality of volume-averaged particle size distribution (PSD) modes, wherein a first PSD mode comprises solids having a volume-avera ...