Jens Mertens, Hubert Zwick: Vehicle external rearview mirror with rear facing blinker light. Reitter & Schefenacker & Co KG, R W Becker, R W Becker & Associates, August 28, 2001: US06280068 (164 worldwide citation)

An external rearview mirror for a vehicle includes a base for attachment to a vehicle, a mirror head connected to the base, and a holder for a mirror glass. A blinker light on the mirror head provides light which is radiated rearwardly, as viewed in the direction of forward travel of the vehicle. Th ...

Roland Berg: Light, especially taillight, for motor vehicles. Reitter & Schefenacker & Co KG, R W Becker, R W Becker & Associates, September 11, 2001: US06286984 (148 worldwide citation)

A light for motor vehicles has a housing having a peripheral edge. A light screen is connected to the peripheral edge of the housing. At least one light source is arranged at least at a portion of the peripheral edge behind the light screen within the housing.

Holger K Essiger: Bone nail. R W Becker, R W Becker & Associates, October 16, 2001: US06302885 (86 worldwide citation)

A bone nail has a shaft and a head connected to one end of the shaft. The shaft tapers in a direction away from the head. The shaft has at least one projection extending at least over a portion of the length of the shaft. The projections can be barbs or ridges along the length of the shaft.

Friedel Kordas, Bettina Knebel, Peter Höffken: Coanda injector and compressed gas line for connecting same. Intensiv Filter & Co, R W Becker, R W Becker & Associates, August 12, 2003: US06604694 (56 worldwide citation)

A Coanda injector is provided, and has an inlet for a medium that is to be suctioned in. A pre-chamber having at least one inlet for receiving pressurized medium for a compressed gas line is provided, and has a nozzle slot that is preferably annular in shape. An outlet is also provided for the mediu ...

Reiza Rayman: Magnetic retraction system for laparoscopic surgery and method of use thereof. R W Becker, R W Becker & Associates, March 19, 2002: US06358196 (51 worldwide citation)

A novel magnetic retraction system is provided herein. The magnetic retraction system includes magnetic means for applying a magnetic field around a defined area of the magnetic retraction system. An articulatable support is provided for such magnetic means. The magnetic means includes an upper (Nor ...

Armin Schwerdtner, Holger Heidrich: Method and device for the three-dimensional representation of information with viewer movement compensation. SeeReal Technologies, R W Becker, R W Becker & Associates, September 14, 2004: US06791570 (44 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an autostereoscopic method and a device for the three-dimensional representation of information according to a barrier-, lenticular-, prismatic mask-, or similar method using flat-panel displays (liquid crystal-, plasma-, electroluminescent- or other displays) for use in the ...


Dieter Klatt: Authentication system for PC cards. Stocko Contact & Co KG, R W Becker, R W Becker & Associates, July 15, 2003: US06592031 (41 worldwide citation)

A PC card authentication system has a PC card having a PC card housing with a plug connector at one end thereof configured to be inserted into a computer slot of a computer and to provide electrical contact with the computer. Electronic components are mounted in the PC card housing and are connected ...

Ernesto A Torres: Shapeable pack for cold therapy. CleanAIR Systems, R W Becker, R W Becker & Associates, August 26, 2003: US06610084 (36 worldwide citation)

A shapeable, glycerine-free cold pack for providing cold therapy, and a method of producing the same, are provided. The pack comprises a plurality of encapsulated units, wherein a mixture of an NaCl based salt dissolved in water is encapsulated in polyacrylamide. An impermeable enclosure contains th ...

Rudolf Hollander: Out-processing facility for individual goods. Dynamic Systems Engineering, R W Becker & Associates, R W Becker, January 18, 2005: US06843632 (34 worldwide citation)

A picking store for piece goods is disclosed, which comprises a storage area (1), with a number of storage racks (7), for the goods to be picked, arranged parallel to each other, whereby only goods of the same type are found in each rack, a placing area (2), at one end of the storage racks (7), with ...