Jonathan S Powell, Dean Modesett: Valve assembly. Powell Engineering Co, William David Kiesel, R Bennett Ford, October 24, 2000: US06135150 (38 worldwide citation)

A valve assembly used to minimize chemical loss during the transfer of chemicals from one container to another is disclosed herein. The valve assembly minimizes chlorine or other process material loss to the environment by sealing the manifold and the cylinder to be filled from the environment while ...

Jon Stephenson, Richard Telford: Aircraft passenger boarding bridge system. Johnnie C Telford, Richard Lamont Telford, William David Kiesel, R Bennett Ford, Roy Kiesel & Tucker, September 26, 2000: US06122789 (14 worldwide citation)

An aircraft passenger boarding bridge includes a cab portion which can slide laterally and includes retractable floor members to allow a single bridge system to be used for both commuter aircraft and jet airplanes.

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The invention involves the demulsification and liquefaction of hydrocarbon based sludges. A demulsifier and a liquefaction agent and methods of using the same are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, the demulsifier contains a salt of DDBSA, polypropylene glycol, and citrene. In a preferred embodim ...

Richard E Foster Sr: Reaction control device. R Bennett Ford, Roy Kiesel Keegan & DeNicola, October 25, 2001: US20010032746-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

As rotational mechanical devices accelerate or decelerate, they generate torque against their housing and/or their surroundings. This torque represents wasted energy that is lost to the system. The invention comprises the use of equal and opposite force from an energy source such as a spring or coun ...

David Porter: Motion decoy. R Bennett Ford, November 6, 2003: US20030204983-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A motion waterfowl decoy. The preferred embodiment has a pair of wings mounted to an axle such that the wings rotate with the axle. The wings' undersides are preferably lighter than their topsides. A pull cord is wound about the axle so that unwinding the cord will spin the axle and wings. As the wi ...

Terry Ross Loreno: Method and apparatus for draining a barge or other like container. R Bennett Ford, February 21, 2002: US20020020678-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A disposable extended sump line having a pump end and a mouth end for removing water from a barge or other container. The mouth end has a double layered strainer basket covering its entrance. The pump end preferably has a valve which may be opened to introduce water into the sump line from above. Th ...

Bobby W Collins, Robert Decker, Don Clover, Michael Shirey: Offset hydraulic runner apparatus. R Bennett Ford, Roy Kiesel & Tucker, August 30, 2001: US20010017067-A1

A runner apparatus is disclosed herein that is used alone or in combination with or incorporated into an existing torque wrench. The runner apparatus has a motor positioned offset from end operatively engaging a threaded member so that the runner apparatus or runner apparatus-torque wrench combinati ...

Jack PF Gremillion: Valve cover. R Bennett Ford, Roy Kiesel & Tucker, June 21, 2001: US20010003857-A1

A cover is provided, preferably for securing valves, propellers, door knobs and the like. The cover entails a hinged plate having two sections. Each section contains an indentation which, when the sections are closed, forms an aperture. A pair of arms may depend from each section in alignment with t ...

Jerry ten Brink, Joshua ten Brink: System and method for trading commodities. R Bennett Ford, Roy Kiesel & Tucker, October 18, 2001: US20010032171-A1

A system for trading commodities. The system includes a selling station, one of more buying station, and a server. Sellers may generate offer data at the selling station and post it on the system. Prospective buyers may generate counter-offer data and post it on the system in response to the offer d ...

John A Christiansen, Erik Rumbaugh: Composition and method for removing suspended solids from wastewater. R Bennett Ford, Roy Kiesel & Tucker, December 27, 2001: US20010054586-A1

Bacterially generated polymers used as coagulants and flocculents for the removal of suspended solids from wastewater. Polymer producing bacteria such as Bacillus polymyxa NRRL 21881 are added to wastewater treatment systems. The bacteria reproduce in the system, substantially increasing the number ...