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A noncompetitive pacemaker connects to an organ which is to be electrically stimulated. A pair of programmable unijunction transistors are employed to detect the presence and absence of natural heartbeats so that the output of the pacemaker is modified each time a natural heartbeat is detected.

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A card reader capable of automatically reading coded information from cards of at least two predetermined widths, the information being encoded in information fields that may vary in the length of columns and rows from card to card, such fields being referenced with respect to two predetermined orth ...

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An AC to absolute value linear converter for converting an AC input signal into a rectified absolute value output signal. The AC input signal is rectified into positive and negative half-wave signals by a precision rectifier, the half-wave signals then being combined into a full wave rectified signa ...

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A sense threshold amplifier for use in high density memories, providing fast recovery from large noise signals and discrimination between analog sense signals to produce a logic level output. The sense amplifier comprises a pair of differentially driven emitter-followers for linearly amplifying the ...

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A logic circuit including a multi-emitter input transistor for determining a logical function of input signals, a current amplifier for amplifying the logical function, an output amplifier for transferring the amplified logical function to succeeding logic stages, and internal level-shifting circuit ...