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Arrays of flowable or fixed particle sets are used in microfluidic systems for performing assays and modifying hydrodynamic flow. Also provided are assays utilizing flowable or fixed particle sets within a microfluidic system, as well as kits, apparatus and integrated systems comprising arrays and a ...


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Nucleotides and nucleotide analogs are used in various sequencing by incorporation/sequencing by synthesis methods. Nucleotide analogs comprising 3′-blocking groups are used to provide reversible chain-termination for sequencing by synthesis. Typical blocking groups include phosphate groups and carb ...

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Nanostructure manufacturing methods and methods for assembling nanostructures into functional elements such as junctions, arrays and devices are provided. Systems for practicing the methods are also provided.

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A information search and navigation system indexes, categorizes and condenses data from text or other documents. In various embodiments, the invention further can utilize user information goals, document or website types and multi-page link path options that together provide a fast, multi-page Web n ...

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This invention provides methods, compositions and kits for gene expression analysis and gene expression profiling. The methods of the invention are highly sensitive; have a wide dynamic range; are rapid and inexpensive; have a high throughput; and allow the simultaneous differential analysis of a de ...