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In a live multicast in a LAN environment, audio and video streams are transmitted from a source station to a plurality of receiving stations. A technique is disclosed for synchronizing the audio decoder clock at each receiving station with the source station. A technique is also disclosed for synchr ...

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Methods for high speed, high throughput analysis of polynucleotide sequences, and apparatuses with which to carry out the methods are provided in the invention.

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The present invention provides an apparatus for analyzing the sequences of polynucleotides. The apparatus comprises (a) flow cell which has at least one microfabricated multilayer elastomeric synthesis channel; and (b) an inlet port and an outlet port. The inlet port and outlet ports are in fluid co ...

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A host node is provided with an I/O port and a display monitor. The I/O port transmits packets to a specific one of the remotely accessible server nodes containing a request for information. In response, the I/O port receives packets containing requested information, entries describing other topics ...

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One aspect of the invention is a method for wireless call processing. The method includes downloading at least one function-specific logic control program into each of a plurality of generic logic control state machines and receiving a message at a wireless protocol-specific codec, parsing the messa ...

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A magnetic field sensor has two flux concentrators which serve to strengthen a magnetic field to be measured and which are separated by an air gap. Two Hall elements are arranged outside the air gap in such a way that at least a part of the field lines which lead from the first to the second flux co ...