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Microporous films are produced by a process of quenching a polymer solution cast in a quench bath containing a non-solvent system for the polymer to form micropores in the resulting polymer film.

Reizer Robert F: Bat. AMF Corporation, Price George W, Lewis Walter, August 20, 1974: US3830496 (37 worldwide citation)

A baseball bat comprising a plastic hollow barrel, two end caps for closing the same, an insert in the barrel, and a tapered force fit of the insert in the barrel by virtue of a taper on the insert and a plurality of inwardly extending lengthwise directed ridges on the interior of the barrel which a ...

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Method of forming a microporus film by casting a solution of a film-forming polymer and quenching the film in a non-solvent system quench bath wherein the polymer is preferably a non-alcohol-soluble nylon polymer and the solvent is formic acid. The contaminated non-solvent system is then regenerated ...

Kaenel Reginald A, Crouch Alfred E: Method and apparatus for measuring curvature and curvature variations in pipelines and the like. AMF Incorporated, Price George W, Gallagher John H, May 13, 1975: US3882606 (23 worldwide citation)

Pipeline curvature is detected, measured and recorded by an instrumented pig carrying an array of sensing wheels down a length of pipeline with the sensing wheels engaging the inner wall of the pipeline in a symmetrical configuration about the axis of the pipeline. The rotation of the sensing wheels ...

Woods John A: Snowmobile chassis. AMF Incorporated, Price George W, Lewis Walter, October 8, 1974: US3840083 (23 worldwide citation)

The front end ski post supporting structure is a single piece aluminum casting and the frame is fabricated from welded aluminum extruded and sheet stock. The design is modular in that the same components can be readily modified to make a 15, 18, or 21 inch chassis.

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An improper or undesired second ground connection on the load side of the neutral conductor of an electrical supply system is detected by coupling an oscillator to the neutral conductor and to at least one other conductor of the supply system in a balanced mode. In the absence of said improper or un ...

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Method and apparatus for ultrasonic measurement of average wall thickness. Only true and accurate wall thickness measurements are averaged, and average thickness of wall is indicated in continuous, accurate manner. Invention is particularly useful where there is continuous relative motion with respe ...

Loh Huai Kuang: Gfi circuit having tuned circuit fault detector. AMF Incorporated, Price George W, Gallagher John H, April 2, 1974: US3801871 (19 worldwide citation)

A ground fault current interrupter circuit for detecting a ground fault on a hot conductor and on a grounded neutral conductor of a power line. A transformer has two balanced multi-turn windings respectively series connected in the two conductors and has a third multi-turn winding excited by an osci ...

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A positioning device for use with a filter cartridge assembly in which an elongated centering member is provided with an integrally fitting end abutment having cartridge engagement prongs associated therewith. Once the cartridge is disposed on such elongated centering member, an additional retaining ...

Cristiani Athos: Method and apparatus for increasing the density of tobacco in predetermined sections of a tobacco braid. AMF Incorporated, Price George W, Worth Charles J, March 5, 1974: US3795249 (16 worldwide citation)

In a cigarette making machine forming a continuous cigarette rod from a braid of cut tobacco, short sections or increments of cut tobacco are periodically added to and held by a pneumatic tape prior to the receipt by the pneumatic tape of the trimmed braid of cut tobacco from a pneumatic braid formi ...