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To provide a control program downloading method that is used by a digital broadcast receiving apparatus equipped with a storing device which stores an update program and a non-update program that compose a control program. Under control of the update program, a new update program is received and wri ...

Joseph Neev: Energy application with cooling. Y Beam Technologies, Price and Gess, June 11, 2002: US06402739 (106 worldwide citation)

A method for applying energy to biological tissue. An electromagnetic energy source is directed to apply the energy to a region of the tissue, so as to ablate a portion of the tissue in the region. Preferably, cooling of tissue in the region is initiated subsequent to the ablation.

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A terminal apparatus is provided for displaying an image by reproducing a piece of image information and for interactively changing the image using navigation information. The image is a moving picture, a still picture, or a mixture of them. The image information and the navigation information toget ...

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A data transmission apparatus has a multiplexing unit that cyclically multiplexes presentation information and navigation information stored in a transmission data storage unit according to control by a multiplexing control unit and a transmission unit that transmits the multiplexed stream. The rece ...

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An user interface apparatus that receives a user operation of an electrical device and notifies the electrical device of the instruction to execute an action according to the user operation predicts at least one action, the execution of which is supposed to be desired by the user, provides a user in ...

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The object of the present invention is to provide a high-intensity, reliable plasma display panel even when the cell structure is fine by resolving the problems such as a low visible light transmittance and low voltage endurance of a dielectric glass layer. The object is realized by forming the diel ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for fast precise material processing and modification which minimizes collateral damage. Utilizing optimized, pulsed electromagnetic energy parameters leads to an interaction regime which minimizes residual energy deposition. Advantageously, removal of cumulative ...

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A mobile object information recording apparatus includes first and second cameras and various vehicle condition sensors for detecting mobile object information representing the status of a vehicle. An abnormal level detector detects an abnormal level of the vehicle on the basis of the acceleration d ...

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A method and apparatus for broadcasting a scheduled interactive application to a plurality of users via respective user interfaces. Initially, setup data is placed on a broadcast carousel prior to a scheduled start time of the interactive application whereby setup data is repeatedly broadcast to the ...