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An apparatus for repairing torn animal body tissue in a single procedure features a suture, anchor attached at one end of the suture to prevent the suture from being pulled through the tissue, and clenching device adapted to grip the suture on the opposite side of the tissue from where the anchor de ...

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A vena cava filter for preventing migration of venous clots into the pulmonary circulation is disclosed. The filter comprises a tubular body, the wall surface of which is partitioned by a pattern of slots into a latticework to render the tubular body radially expandable; a head piece affixed to the ...

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A three-dimensional spatial input apparatus including a series of coplanar, single axis accelerometers configured to provide information on translation along and rotation around a set of orthogonal axes. A preprocessing computer determines the acceleration values output by the accelerometers and con ...

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An implantable, flexible, helical electrode strcuture is disclosed having an improved connector for attaching the lead wires to the nerve bundle, thereby minimizing damage which might otherwise occur to the contact points between the lead wires and helical electrode.

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A system for monitoring and controlling the distribution of product coupons from a plurality of remote terminals located at the point of sale is provided. The system includes video display terminals for displaying an array of coupons available for selection and means for monitoring and controlling t ...

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An implant for stimulating the vagus nerve receives commands over a radio frequency link. The communication protocol uses asynchronous communications devices with parity checking and echoing of communicated characters and passwords to improve communication error checking. The implant disables a volt ...

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A battery powered computer system monitors the address bus to determine when selected peripheral devices have not been accessed for a preset amount of time. When the preset amount of time has passed the system powers itself down and stops the system clock, placing it in a standby mode. The system is ...

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A surgical spinal fixation system includes a bone bolt having first end portions that are adapted to be surgically implanted into a patient's spine at first and second spaced apart positions and a central portion of the bone bolt defining a load transfer surface, the bone bolt having a second upper ...

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A light pipe used for backlighting liquid crystal displays has a planar front surface and a stairstepped or faceted back surface. Light is injected from the ends of the light pipe from cold or hot cathode, apertured, fluorescent lamps. The cold cathode lamps are preferably insulated to raise their o ...

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A femoral component base having a pair of laterally spaced apart condylar portions, each of which has an external surface that is smoothly convexly curved anterior-posteriorly to match generally the distal profile of the anatomical femoral condyle and smoothly convexly curved laterally throughout it ...