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A method and system are disclosed for measuring the geographical position of emitters such as radio transmitters accurately, simply, and inexpensively. In a particular application, the radio transmitters, which emit pulse type signals, may be located on small boats, for use in case of trouble, or on ...

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A composite non-woven synthetic fibre mat is used for reinforcing foam plastic articles or structures. The non-woven mat consists of two non-woven fleeces being firmly bonded together. The foam plastic articles or structures are reinforced with the composite non-woven fibre mat in their marginal zon ...

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Process for improving the fastness to wet processing of dyeings obtained on synethetic polyamides with anionic and/or cationic dyestuffs wherein the dyeings are aftertreated with aqueous liquors containing condensation products of a higher molecular weight prepared from (a) 4,4'-dioxydiphenyl-sulpho ...

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Erosion preventing structural elements in the form of stitched fleeces comprising a fleece from polyamide staple fibers of certain dtex and length, a mesh fabric of synthetic endless yarns and a waterproof binder.

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Quaternary ammonium compounds of the formula ##SPC1##In which R, R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3, A and X have the meaning given in the disclosure and a process for their preparation. The quaternary ammonium compounds are excellent dyeing auxiliaries in dyeing with cationic dyestuffs fibre materials which ...

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Laser light of different wavelength can be produced by exciting sparingly water soluble fluorescent compounds of which the .alpha..alpha. m value is less than 0,300 and of which the molecular symmetry is either of symmetry group C.sub.s or of a higher symmetry group than this, the fluorophor having ...

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Preparations of optical brighteners, for the whitening of fiber materials and coating mixtures for paper, which contain the solution of a dispersion brightener (a) in such a colourless organic liquid (b) which is immiscible with water, the boiling point of which is above 150.degree.C and in which th ...

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The invention relates to a process for the treatment of molten metals with reactive additives whereby the reactive additive is added into the molten metal at a point between the pouring of the molten metal from the melting container and the entry of the molten metal into a casting mould. The additiv ...

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Process for preparing paper and paper making compositions characterized by adding basic polyamides which are high-molecular water-soluble reaction products have been obtained by the reaction of compounds which are polyfunctional with regard to amino groups, with basic polyamides which are dissolved ...

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Polyvalent metal salt or complex products of azobarbituric acid are prepared by heating azo-barbituric acid with a polyvalent metal salt in aqueous, aqueous-organic or organic medium or by heating a mixture of barbituric acid, suitable transferrers of azo groups and salts of polyvalent metals in sus ...