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Novel metal alloy compositions which are obtained in the amorphous state and are superior to such previously known alloys based on the same metals are provided; these new compositions are easily quenched to the amorphous state and possess desirable physical properties. Also disclosed is a novel arti ...

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Metal alloys in an amorphous state are employed in the fabrication of cutting implements such as razor blades or knives. The implement may be formed from the amorphous metal or a coating of the amorphous metal may be applied. Such products may be formed from a ribbon of the amorphous metal alloy whi ...

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Thorough quenching of metal filaments extracted from a molten source using a quenching wheel as the quenching source can be achieved by prolonging the period of contact between the extracted molten metal and the quenching wheel until the desired quench temperature is reached. The period of contact m ...

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A system for forming a rigid orthopedic structure comprising bandage material impregnated with at least about 10% by weight of a member of the group consisting of a monomer of the formula: ##SPC1##Wherein R.sup.1 is an acrylic substituent and each R.sup.2 independently is H, CH.sub.2 OH or CH.sub.2 ...

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Thermoplastic shell-like objects are joined or repaired by supporting the area of the object to be treated, applying a preheated, reinforced thermoplastic charge and exerting pressure against the support to seal the desired area.

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A method and apparatus for the production of metal filaments which are extracted using melt extraction techniques and quenched on a quench wheel, in which a discrete amount of the melt is elevated to contact the quench wheel thereby substantially increasing the quench rate.

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A thermoplastic molding composition comprising (1) a polyamide, (2) polytetrafluoroethylene and (3) an inert filler selected from the group consisting of silica and magnesium oxide is provided. The composition can be pressed and sintered, injection molded, compression molded, extruded or readily app ...

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A process is provided whereby filaments of metals may be formed by rapid solidification of a molten jet in a fluid medium. Filaments of metastable alloys such as amorphous metals and filaments of fine grained structure having novel orientation may be obtained.

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Light having spectral components periodic in frequency is collectd, collimated and transmitted by a light conditioning means. Secondary interferometric means, adapted to receive the light, selectively separate preselected spectra therefrom and send the light devoid of the separated spectra to a prim ...

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The soil and stain repellency of extruded filaments of a synthetic resin can be improved by incorporating in the resin a small amount, about 1%, of an amphipathic compound having from one to four fluoroalkyl groups pendent from an organic radical. The repellency is provided by the fluoroalkyl groups ...