Paul B Schneck, Marshall D Abrams: System for controlling access and distribution of digital property. MRJ, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, August 3, 1999: US05933498 (851 worldwide citation)

A method and device are provided for controlling access to data. Portions of the data are protected and rules concerning access rights to the data are determined. Access to the protected portions of the data is prevented, other than in a non-useable form; and users are provided access to the data on ...

Thomas P Castellano, Robert Schumacher: Medication delivery device with a microprocessor and characteristic monitor. Visionary Medical Products, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, July 20, 1999: US05925021 (771 worldwide citation)

A medication delivery device, such as a pen-type injector, jet injector, medication pump, inhaler, spray or the like has a microprocessor coupled to the device that records the date, the time, and the amount of each medication administration. The microprocessor may also be coupled to a display to in ...


Gary N Griswold: Licensing management system and method in which datagrams including an address of a licensee and indicative of use of a licensed product are sent from the licensees site. Infologic Software, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, August 17, 1999: US05940504 (636 worldwide citation)

A license management system and method for recording the use of a licensed product, and for controlling its use in accordance with the terms of the license. A licensed product invokes a license check monitor at regular time intervals. The monitor generates request datagrams which identify the licens ...

David A Farber, Richard E Greer, Andrew D Swart, James A Balter: Optimized network resource location. Digital Island, IP Group of Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, February 6, 2001: US06185598 (608 worldwide citation)

Resource requests made by clients of origin servers in a network are intercepted by reflector mechanisms and selectively reflected to other servers called repeaters. The reflectors select a best repeater from a set of possible repeaters and redirect the client to the selected best repeater. The clie ...

David William Kravitz: Payment and transactions in electronic commerce system. Certco, IP Group of Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, February 22, 2000: US06029150 (585 worldwide citation)

A method of payment in an electronic payment system wherein a plurality of customers have accounts with an agent. A customer obtains an authenticated quote from a specific merchant, the quote including a specification of goods and a payment amount for those goods. The customer sends to the agent a s ...


Benjamin I Lee: Method and device for percutaneous sealing of internal puncture sites. Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, March 7, 2000: US06033427 (465 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a device for percutaneously sealing of an internal puncture site comprising a tissue portion having a puncture formed therethrough. A locating device is mounted for longitudinal movement relative to a guide wire towards and away from the puncture site. Delivery struc ...

Eduardo J Moura, Jan M Gronski: Asymmetric hybrid access system and method. Hybrid Networks, Cushman Darby & Cushman IP Group of Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, December 17, 1996: US05586121 (391 worldwide citation)

An asymmetric network communication system for use in a client-server environment having independent forward and return channels operating at different speeds and/or under different protocols on the same or different communication media to provide efficient utilization of shared resources. A network ...

Alan Asay, Paul A Turner, Frank W Sudia, Richard Ankney: Reliance server for electronic transaction system. Certco, Pillsbury Madison & Sutro, May 11, 1999: US05903882 (386 worldwide citation)

A method of managing reliance in an electronic transaction system includes a certification authority issuing a primary certificate to a subscriber and forwarding to a reliance server, information about the issued primary certificate. The reliance server maintains the forwarded information about issu ...

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