Gruber Thomas: Pharmaceutical formulation containing dye. Gruber Thomas, PICCIANO Dante J, February 27, 2003: WO/2003/015531 (7 worldwide citation)

Methods and compositions for preventing abuse of dosage forms comprising an opioid analgesic and an aversive agent (e.g., a dye) in an effective amount to deter an abuser from administering a tampered form of the dosage form intravenously, intranasally, and/or orally are revealed.

Kelleher Andersson Judith, Johe Karl K: Method for discovering neurogenic agents. Kelleher Andersson Judith, Johe Karl K, PICCIANO Dante J, June 24, 2004: WO/2004/053071 (1 worldwide citation)

A method for discovering neurogenic drugs is revealed. The method allows for systematic screening of test agents such as libraries of compounds. The method consists of exposing test agents to cultures of differentiating neural progenitor cells and measuring their effects on increasing the overall ce ...

Mcgeer Brian T, Von, Flotow Andreas H, Roeseler Cory, Jackson Clifford: Method for retrieving a fixed-wing aircraft without a runway. Mcgeer Brian T, Von, Flotow Andreas H, Roeseler Cory, Jackson Clifford, PICCIANO Dante J, December 14, 2000: WO/2000/075014

A method and an apparatus for capturing a flying object (5) are revealed. The apparatus includes a generally linear fixture (2), such as a length of rope; a means for suspending (1) the fixture (2) across the path of the flying object (5); and one or more hooks (19) on the flying object (5). The met ...

Peterson Edward R: Apparatus and method for sterilization of instruments. Phonon Technologies, PICCIANO Dante J, October 2, 1997: WO/1997/035623

The present invention reveals an apparatus and method for sterilizing instruments at atmospheric pressure in a microwave oven. The apparatus is made of a tray (16) for holding medical, surgical, dental, veterinary, or other instruments, a receiver (14) for holding the tray (16), two containers (1, 2 ...

Dowlatshahi Kambiz: Marker element for interstitial treatment and localizing device and method using same. Kelsey, PICCIANO Dante J, January 15, 1998: WO/1998/001068

A marker element is made of radiopaque material and includes at least two leg portions of approximately equal length connected at an angle relative to each other to form a generally V-shaped resilient member that is capable of being positioned wholly within the body of a patient. A localizing device ...

Johe Karl K: Embryonic and adult cns stem cells. Neuralstem Biopharmaceuticals, PICCIANO Dante J, November 12, 1998: WO/1998/050525

A homologous population of CNS multipotent precursor cells from mammalian embryonic neuroepithelial can be expanded in culture while maintaining their multipotential capacity. Chemically defined conditions can generate higher proportions of neurons, astrocytes or oligodendrocytes. In vitro cultures ...

Moench Thomas R, Cone Richard A: A device and method for acidic buffering. Moench Thomas R, Cone Richard A, PICCIANO Dante J, January 11, 1996: WO/1996/000543

The present invention is for a device and a gel method for controlling pH by acidic buffering. The device is made of a flexible dome (10), a flexible circular rim (30) and an absorbent acidic buffer. The flexible dome (10) is attached at its margin to the circular rim (30) and the absorbent acidic b ...

Trigiani Phil, Ferraro Tony, Wheeler Ronald Lee: Method for diagnosing performance of air-conditioning systems. Trigiani Phil, Ferraro Tony, Wheeler Ronald Lee, PICCIANO Dante J, May 30, 2002: WO/2002/042100

The present application reveals a method and an apparatus for diagnosing performance of an air-conditioning system (10). The method comprising the steps of determining a temperature differential between inlet and outlet temperatures of a condenser (22) in the air-conditioning system; determining a t ...

Trigiani Phil: Detection lamp equipped with light-emitting diode. Trigiani Phil, Picciano Dante J, PICCIANO Dante J, May 30, 2002: WO/2002/042795

The present application reveals a lamp and a method for detecting leaks in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The lamp (10) uses one or more light-emitting diodes (30) (LEDs) as a light source to detect fluorescent dyes that have been added to the air-conditioning or refrigeration system.

Yang Renji, Johe Karl K: Stable neural stem cell lines. Neuralstem Biopharmaceuticals, PICCIANO Dante J, March 30, 2000: WO/2000/017323

A systematic and efficient method for establishing stable neural stem cell lines and neuronal progenitor lines is described. The resulting cell lines provide robust, simple, and reproducible cultures of human and other mammalian neurons in commercially useful mass quantities while maintaining normal ...