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The invention relates to the design of earth bore-hole drill bits embodying shaped preformed cutters containing hard abrasive materials, such as diamonds, the cutters being mounted in companion preformed sockets in the hard metal bit matrix. The extent of penetration of the preformed cutters into th ...

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Casing is run into a well bore hole on a running pipe string. Fluid motor and drill apparatus is supported in the casing, with the drill extending below the lower end of the casing to drill the bore hole in advance of the casing. For subsea drilling operations, the casing is suspended from a riser h ...

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An in-hole fluid motor has a stator connected with a fluid conduit and a rotor connected with a drive shaft for a bit to drill a bore hole as drilling fluid is circulated through the conduit and the stator, the fluid returning through the bore hole annulus to the top of the bore hole. A circulation ...

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A releasable coupling or safety sub for a drill string including an inner tubular member piloted within an outer tubular member, the inner member including expansible lock members shiftable laterally of the tubular member into locking engagement with a transverse shoulder on the outer member, a reta ...

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A shock absorber assembly has an outer body connectible at one end in a well drill string and an inner body connectible at one end in the well drilling string, with the bodies telescopically coengaged. Between the bodies is an annular space, filled with hydraulic fluid and containing a pressure equa ...

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This invention relates to circulation subs used in connection with hydraulic in-hole motors with means for selectively interrupting circulation through the circulation sub.

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Pipe connectors particularly useful in securing sections of an underwater marine riser together, including a pin received in a box which are secured to one another by a plurality of lock dogs mounted in the box and movable radially inwardly against a portion of the pin by fluid actuated pistons to f ...

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This invention relates to a high-activity catalyst of improved thermal stability employing a zeolite of the faujasite type, pseudoboehmite alumina gel and a synthetic mica-montmorillonite and may also include a clay.

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An in-hole motor drill assembly has the rotor of the motor connected to the drill bit and a housing connected to the running string, and normally disengaged torque transmitting members between said housing and said drill bit provide for engaging said bit and running string for mutual rotation, by pu ...

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An in hole fluid motor for driving a drill bit utilizing the circulation of drilling fluid to drive the motor, having a sealed bearing assembly. The bearing assembly has a hollow, rotary drive shaft disposed within a tubular relatively stationary housing with radial bearings and thrust bearings disp ...