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Method and apparatus for adapting the volumetric flow rate measurement system taught by Yelderman in U.S. Pat. No. 4,507,974 to clinical environments by reducing the effects of physiological noise. Signal processing techniques are used to characterize the background noise power spectrum of the syste ...

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This invention relates to an electrosurgical device having a hollow shaft, an electrically conductive distal tip that is also adapted for penetrating bone, and an intermediate electrically insulating spacer.

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A combination of an aryl sulfonamide-formaldehyde resin and film forming material, such as cellulose acetate butyrate, which may further include a surfactant, such as a non-ionic surfactant including, for example, an alkylarylpolyether, comprises a "universal" dispersant for resin additives, such as ...

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An apparatus and a method for composting organic material, wherein a plurality of frame members are spaced from each other, and a plurality of support members are connected to each frame members. Hollow, perforated conduits are connected to and extend between corresponding support members of adjacen ...

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Cells derived from postpartum umbilicus and placenta are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions, devices and methods for the regeneration or repair of neural tissue using the postpartum-derived cells are also disclosed.

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Monellin, an intensely sweet polypeptide, substantially free from carbohydrate, is described. Monellin is the pure proteinaceous principle of the fruit Dioscoreophyllum cumminsii, having a molecular weight of approximately 11,000, an isoelectric point of 9.3, and an ultraviolet absorption maximum (. ...

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A novel high tensile strength semi-absorbable composite suture with minimized non-absorbable mass. The suture has a core made from a bioabsorbable polymer. The core is covered by a braided sheath. The braided sheath is made from an absorbable yarn and a bioabsorbable yarn. The bioabsorbable yarn is ...

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Here we describe the molecular identification of a cDNA encoding a novel serine protease we have termed D-G. The deduced amino acid sequence, and it's alignment with other well characterized serine proteases clearly indicates that it is a member of the S1 serine protease family. We have found t ...

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A stent having marker tabs formed from a micro-alloyed combination of materials provides for more precise placement and post-procedural visualization in a vessel, by increasing the radiopacity of the stent under X-ray fluoroscopy. A unique micro-alloying process is utilized to form the tabs, compris ...

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The present invention is concerned with novel pharmaceutical compositions of itraconazole which can be administered to a mammal suffering from a fungal infection, whereby a single such dosage form can be administered once daily, and in addition at any time of the day independently of the food taken ...