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Epoxy functional diorganosiloxane fluids are combined with bis-aryl iodonium salts, particularly linear alkylate bis-dodecylphenyl iodonium salts to form a silicone coating composition effective for rendering surfaces non-adherent to other surfaces which would normally adhere thereto, and which will ...

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Remote control of street lights utilizes a programmable computer which generates wavelike control signals at fundamental frequencies in the voice range and having half periods corresponding in time-duration to the pulses used for binary digits in logic circuits. The signals are transmitted by phone ...

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An array of electronic packaging substrates in horizontal and vertical rows in which each substrate has a plurality of internal and external terminals that are electrically interconnected is described. The array has (a) lines of separation along which the substrates may be separated from the array, ...

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A variable frequency AC power source drives a gas discharge lamp which is connected in parallel with the capacitance of a series resonant circuit. The polarity of the voltage applied to the resonant circuit is commutated at such times as the rate-of-change of current flow in the resonant circuit is ...

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Various circuit breaker accessories, such as a shunt trip, an undervoltage release, an auxiliary switch, and a bell alarm, are individually packaged in a standardized molded insulative accessory case for ultimate factory or even field installation in a molded case, automatic power circuit breaker.

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An optical particle detector is disclosed using a dark field optical system in which an air sample is illuminated and forward scattered light is collected in a zone centered about but excluding on-axis light. The collected light is then sensed to detect the presence of air borne light scattering par ...

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A compact three-pole circuit breaker is modularly constructed utilizing two identical operating mechanisms in controllably articulating three movable contact arms. The operating mechanisms are ganged together for concerted manual operation by an external handle tie and internal means intercoupling t ...

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In an industrial circuit breaker having a spring-powered movable contact operating mechanism and a spring-powered charging mechanism, each having the facility of storing a charge rendering the circuit breaker capable of being closed, condition indicator apparatus includes a first indicator for indic ...

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A metal oxide varistor (MOV) is directly electrically connected between a line conductor and ground to dissipate the energy associated with voltage surges appearing on the line conductor. A thermostatic switch, in the form of a resilient arm held in electrical connection with one of the MOV electrod ...

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Demonstrator apparatus utilizes a display to portray in log-log coordinate scale the trip-time curve of a solid state (static) trip circuit breaker. A simulated static trip unit programmer is selectively adjustable to vary the shape and position of the displayed trip-time curve. An overlay bearing t ...