Joseph Ho: Illuminating thermostat. Philip K Yu, East IP Group Birch Stewart, April 27, 2004: US06726112 (118 worldwide citation)

A thermostat for a HVAC system with visual display of status and operating condition. The thermostat has a power switch to select one of Heater and Cooler for the HVAC system, a light sensor (

Edward H Martin: Differential GPS for fleet base stations with vector processing mechanization. Rockwell International Corporation, William C Cray, Philip K Yu, June 10, 1997: US05638077 (88 worldwide citation)

A fleet management system for a base station to obtain differential GPS corrections to the location information for the fleet vehicles. A fleet vehicle first sends the information of "position solution" back to the base station with time annotation, where the position solution only needs to specify ...

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An apparatus and method of quantizing a sequence of input data vectors using delayed decision switched prediction and vector quantization. The method has the following steps of operation: (a) predicting a next vector element from said sequence of input data vectors to generate a set of prediction ve ...

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A variable multi-threshold detection circuit for a sampled baseband signal in the receiver of a communication system using GMSK modulation is disclosed. The circuit comprises an integrate/dump circuit for accumulating a predetermined number of samples of the baseband signal to generate a sum for a p ...

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A system for warming a fluid includes a fluid warmer having a housing that retains therein a heating element, and cartridge that is retained inside the housing and which receives heat from the heating element. The cartridge has a rigid plate having a first surface and a second opposing surface, with ...

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An ESD protection circuit for the pads of an integrated circuit (IC) using silicide-clad diffusions is disclosed. The circuit uses a robust N+ diode with N-well block, an output NFET and a large transient clamp, each with a distributed, integrated N-well drain resistor to prevent the IC from avalanc ...

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A space vector data path for integrating SIMD scheme into a general-purpose programmable processor. The programmable processor uses a mode field in each instruction to specify, for each instruction, whether an operand is processed in either one of vector or scalar modes. The programmable processor a ...

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A method of digital data transmission between a first transceiver and a second transceiver is disclosed. The first transceiver has a first transmitter and a first receiver and the second transceiver has a second transmitter and a second receiver. The first transmitter also contains a programmable en ...

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A hinge assembly for mounting a video display with a screen to the interior of an automobile is disclosed. The hinge assembly comprises an open shaft adapted to pivot the screen about a first axis, a rotate shaft adapted to pivot the screen about a second axis, transversal to the first axis, a click ...

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A single clamp circuit for integrated circuits with multiple V.sub.dd power pins by coupling the various V.sub.dd busses to an ESD clamped V.sub.dd bus or pseudo- V.sub.dd bus via diodes. The diodes will provide coupling from any V.sub.dd bus to the clamp circuit during a positive ESD transient. A d ...