John J Hayes: Parental control for CATV converters. RCA Corporation, Paul J Rasmussen, Peter M Emanuel, Richard G Coalter, January 5, 1988: US04718107 (342 worldwide citation)

A controller in a CATV converter provides three operating modes comprising: (1) a family viewing mode in which conversion of selected channels is blocked; (2) an enter access code mode for selecting the channels to be blocked from family viewing; and (3) a parental control mode in which all channels ...

Billy W Beyers Jr: Television system scheduler with on-screen menu type programming prompting apparatus. RCA Corporation, Eugene M Whitacre, Paul J Rasmussen, Peter M Emanuel, February 3, 1987: US04641205 (334 worldwide citation)

Programming apparatus for a scheduler of a television receiver or VCR for automatically tuning the system to channels corresponding to future programs requires, in its simplest form, only a single programming key for initiating the programming operation and digit keys for normally entering channel n ...

David J Duffield, Billy W Beyers Jr: Tuner control apparatus having tune-by-label capability. RCA Licensing Corporation, Joseph S Tripoli, Peter M Emanuel, Thomas F Lenihan, September 25, 1990: US04959720 (322 worldwide citation)

A tuning system is provided which allows a user to enter text labels associated with respective channels or television programs to be tuned so that, thereafter, a channel or program to be tuned may be selected by the user by entering its label. Scheduling of television programs by label is also prov ...

Keith Reynolds Wehmeyer, Jeffrey Philip Reavis, Robert Howard Miller, Sheila Renee Crosby, Hugh Boyd Morrison, Megan Louise Brown: Scheduler employing a predictive agent for use in a television receiver. Thomson Consumer Electronics, Joseph S Tripoli, Peter M Emanuel, Frank Y Liao, February 2, 1999: US05867226 (298 worldwide citation)

In a television system in which at least program title information for programs which are to be transmitted in the future is transmitted in advance to form a channel guide listing, apparatus is provided for searching for specific television programs which satisfy certain criteria concerning a user's ...

Michael S Deiss: Remote controlled receiver with provisions for automatically programming a channel skip list. RCA Corporation, Eugene M Whitacre, Paul J Rasmussen, Peter M Emanuel, January 22, 1985: US04495654 (278 worldwide citation)

A remote control system for a television receiver includes a remote control transmitter with keys for initiating a scan type channel selection operation and a memory for storing a list of preferred channels and non-preferred channels. During a scanning operation the non-preferred channels are passed ...

Edward H Adelson: Digital signal encoding and decoding apparatus. General Electric Company, Joseph S Tripoli, Peter M Emanuel, Thomas F Lenihan, July 3, 1990: US04939515 (271 worldwide citation)

Digital data is conveyed along with the analog signal by selectively quantizing the analog signal in response to the level of each of the digital bits to be sent. By determining which quantization function was used, a decoder may recover the embedded digital data.

Keith Reynolds Wehmeyer, Robert Howard Miller: Consumer interface for programming device. Thomson Consumer Electronics, Joseph S Tripoli, Peter M Emanuel, Robert D Shedd, October 28, 1997: US05682206 (256 worldwide citation)

A television system for receiving a plurality of television programs includes a programming unit for causing the television system to receive and record a particular television show aired on a given channel, at a particular time and date in accordance with schedule data entered by a user. The televi ...

Kenneth W Maze, Joseph W Forler: Television receiver using received channel guide information and a secondary video signal processor for displaying secondary channel information. Thomson Consumer Electronics, Joseph S Tripoli, Thomas F Lenihan, Peter M Emanuel, September 17, 1996: US05557338 (228 worldwide citation)

A television receiver system having secondary picture display capability (such as PIP or POP) includes two tuners and signal processing arrangements, and circuitry for receiving a transmitted channel guide. In response to a "BROWSE" command, the receiver maintains the currently-tuned first channel a ...

Mark A Harger, Joseph E Amaral, Harold Blatter: Remote control transmitter arrangement for one or more television devices. RCA Corporation, Eugene M Whitacre, Paul J Rasmussen, Peter M Emanuel, January 21, 1986: US04566034 (227 worldwide citation)

A microprocessor for use in individual remote control transmitters for controlling respective different devices and for a unified remote control transmitter for controlling all the devices is programmed in the same manner for each in order to reduce inventory and testing costs to the manufacturer an ...

Billy W Beyers Jr, Adam J Suchko: Television system scheduler. RCA Corporation, Eugene M Whitacre, Paul J Rasmussen, Peter M Emanuel, July 24, 1979: US04162513 (218 worldwide citation)

A television receiver includes a chassis having a digital tuner for generating local oscillator signals for tuning the receiver to respective channels in response to binary signals representing corresponding channel numbers and a signal processing unit for controlling at least one characteristic of ...

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