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A method for the multiplexed diagnostic and genetic analysis of enzymes, DNA fragments, antibodies, and other biomolecules comprises the steps of constructing an appropriately labeled beadset, exposing the beadset to a clinical sample, and analyzing the combined sample/beadset by flow cytometry. Flo ...

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A chemical sensor includes an enzyme layer, a diffusion layer and an analyte barrier layer positioned over the diffusion layer. Apertures are formed by microfabrication in the analyte barrier layer to allow controlled analyte flux to the diffusion layer.

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This invention provides a novel fluorescent article comprising a core or carrier particle having on its surface a plurality of smaller polymeric particles or nanoparticles, which are stained with different fluorescent dyes. When excited by a light source they are capable of giving off multiple fluor ...

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A modified poker card game allows a player to sequentially build a card hand after each round of play. The rules of play for the card game including dealing a first pair of cards to the player. The player then selects one of the pair of cards for the card hand, and discards the other card. The playe ...

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An intellectual property computer-implemented audit system for valuing an intellectual property portfolio includes a first database storing first information relating to the intellectual property portfolio and a database access and collection device connected to the first database and accessing the ...

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A modified card game provides a player the ability to sequentially become eligible for a bonus round of play. The game includes dealing a set of cards to the player for playing the modified card game in accordance with a predetermined number of positions, determining whether a designated card appear ...

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A method of playing a card game is provided where a player sequentially builds at least two card hands that intersect with each other in at least one card. The at least two card hands define a pattern. The method includes the steps of dealing at least one card to the player, placing the at least one ...

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A computer implemented system awards promotional incentives. A participant in the awards system calls or connects to an interactive platform for registering and/or redeeming credits preferably described in uniquely identified certificates. In a telephone environment, the interactive platform is conn ...

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An apparatus for detecting at least one receptor in a biological sample in a flow stream for immunoassays, complex genetic analyses, and enzymatic assays. The biological sample includes a carrier having an indicator, such as a fluorescent dye, and a reactant that reacts to the receptor. The indicato ...

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A method and device to treat cardiovascular vulnerable plaque is provided by heating an implanted structure placed adjacent to a vulnerable plaque tissue to conduct heat into the vulnerable plaque tissue for a period of time. In a preferred embodiment, the implanted structure is a stent-like structu ...