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A self-guiding vacuum cleaner having a chassis (10) supporting a brush nozzle (50) facing the floor and having a nozzle opening (51) communicating with a chamber (16) in which a dust container (17) is arranged, the chamber being connected to the inlet side of a fan unit (33). The vacuum cleaner has ...

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An upright wet extractor includes a base assembly, a manipulative handle pivotally attached to the base assembly, and a motor driven agitator brush. A cleaning solution dispensing tank is removably attached to the handle assembly by a pivotable latch member. In a floor cleaning mode, cleaning soluti ...

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An elongated bone plate having an upper surface and a lower surface is provided along its length with at least a pair of spaced apart screw holes extending therethrough from the upper to the lower surface. The plate is provided, on at least a selected one of its upper or lower surfaces between at le ...

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In a sheet-shaped solar module mounting structure, rail members include locking members to which the end portions of sheet-shaped solar batteries are locked, so that, in mounting the sheet-shaped solar batteries to a roof bed, it is unnecessary to nail the solar batteries to the roof bed with screws ...

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The surface of a wafer is charged with corona passing through a screen. The screen is part of a feedback loop that forces a constant corona current. This results in the potential of the wafer surface following the potential of the screen. This allows contemporaneous measurement of the surface charge ...

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An adaptor for a vacuum cleaner having a vacuum source (21) and an inlet tube (18) communicating with a nozzle opening (11) and ending in a chamber (15) which has an opening closed by a cover (17). A dust container (16) is normally placed in the chamber and is connected to the inlet tube. The adapto ...

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This device includes optical add-drop multiplexers (M1 to M2) each having a band-pass filter. An optical switch (C1) has outputs connected to the multiplexers. An optical coupling (C2) has inputs connected to the multiplexers. The device is useful in optical communications.

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A refrigerator having a water filtration and dispensing system including a first control valve for unfiltered water, a household water supply line for fluidly connecting the first control valve to a source of household water, a water filter assembly disposed within a refrigeration compartment, an un ...

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Footwear such as a shoe or boot has an upper, an outsole and an insole. The insole comprises a layer of thermoplastic material and a heater member. The heater member is capable of generating heat by being energized by electrical energy and is capable upon being energized of effectively heating and s ...

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In a coaxial connector, a casing, which is connected to an outer conductor of a horizontally-extending coaxial cable, and holds an insulator in surrounding relation thereto, comprises an inner casing and an outer casing connected together through engagement projections and so on. The inner casing of ...