Mohamed Y Hai Maharsi: Insulator integrated power supply. ABB Technology, Paul R Katterle, Melissa J Szczepanik, February 24, 2015: US08964433 (116 worldwide citation)

A power scavenging device attaches to an overhead power cable and a support pole. The power scavenging device includes a non-conducting outer body and a first capacitor and a second capacitor that are connected in series forming a voltage divider. A voltage source converter is electrically connected ...

Stephen J Laski: Robotic wash cell using recycled pure water. ABB, Paul R Katterle, January 22, 2008: US07321807 (93 worldwide citation)

A robotic wash cell is provided and includes a six-axis robotic arm and end effector equipped with nozzles that spray unheated, solvent free, pure water at high-pressure to clean or debur objects by maintaining the nozzles in close proximity and substantially normal to each surface being cleaned or ...

Michael H Bravo, Craig M Rowles, John P Sullivan, David Markham, Mark W Scott, Chris Van Buiten, Gregory J Mascoli, Robert Slack, Corinna Lee: Storage and dispensing container for viscous fluids, paints and the like, and method of minimizing dripping. The Sherwin Williams Company, Paul R Katterle, Robert E McDonald, Rines and Rines, March 11, 2003: US06530500 (48 worldwide citation)

An improved container for storing, dispensing and handling viscous and semi-viscous fluids such as paint and the like, having novel spout and other design features that enable substantially dripless dispensing and improved handling and storage

James Stoupis, Zhenyuan Wang, Ajay C Madwesh, David Lubkeman, Joe G Mazza, Khoi Vu: Electrical substation monitoring and diagnostics. ABB Research, Paul R Katterle, Driggs Hogg Daugherty & DelZoppo Co A, July 7, 2009: US07558703 (42 worldwide citation)

A substation intelligence system (104) includes a substation computer (105) which is operatively connected to a plurality of field devices (102) through an input/output subsystem (204). Data indicative of the devices is stored in a substation database (208). Advanced monitoring and/or diagnostics (1 ...

Aaron M Jungreis: Fuel cell system power control method and system. ABB Research, Paul R Katterle Esq, April 19, 2005: US06881509 (32 worldwide citation)

A fuel cell is placed in parallel with a battery via a mechanical switch. The voltage is held nearly constant by the battery and the power flow is controlled by adjusting the fuel cell operating parameters (such as temperature or air flow) and by opening and closing the mechanical switch. The result ...


Donald Karl Frerichs, Frank Marvin Toth: Method and apparatus for detecting faults in steam generator system components and other continuous processes. ABB, Michael M Rickin, Paul R Katterle, September 26, 2006: US07113890 (28 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus and for detecting faults in components of a continuous process such as a steam generator. A model of the process is developed using a modeling technique such as advanced pattern recognition and the model is used to generate predicted values for a predetermined number of the op ...

Thomas A Fuhlbrigge, Gregory Rossano, Hui Zhang, Jianjun Wang, Zhongxue Gan: Method and apparatus for developing a metadata-infused software program for controlling a robot. ABB Research, Paul R Katterle, January 5, 2010: US07643907 (26 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for developing a metadata-infused software program for controlling a device, such as a robot. A first library of software segments with metadata and a second library of script documents are provided. A part program wizard uses a script docu ...

Jerome S Alden, Victor J Budan, Harold W Thompson: Removable magnetic zero/span actuator for a transmitter. Elsag International, Michael M Rickin, Paul R Katterle, November 29, 1994: US05369386 (26 worldwide citation)

A magnetic actuator for adjusting the zero and span settings of a transmitter used in industrial process control systems. The actuator has a single magnet in a housing. The actuator is removable from the transmitter.

Anne Poorman, Oliver Gramberg, Chen Yang Steen: System and method for vibration monitoring. ABB Technology, Paul R Katterle, October 16, 2007: US07283914 (22 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a system and method of monitoring assets of an enterprise, wherein the assets perform a process and include machines subject to vibration. The system includes a vibration diagnostic software system integrated with a process automation system and a computerized ma ...

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