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Soft tissue biopsy apparatus (10) for obtaining a tissue specimen. An elongate housing (12) has an opening (20) at one end (14). A hollow cannula (26) is positioned within the housing, is reciprocally movable therewithin, and one end (28) of the needle extends through the opening for insertion into ...

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A decorative container useful for holding a flower pot or the like, and formed by the method of arranging a sheet of thermoplastic polymer upon a form, the form having a shape generally desired for the sheet after it has been molded into the configuration of the form, with said sheet and form being ...

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A cannula introducer for use in open heart surgery and provided for locating through an incision in the heart lining, the introducer includes a cylindrical member, formed at its upper end into a pair of tubular-like guide means, while its lower end is formed into confinement, having a pair of apertu ...

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An adjustable ocular insert to be implanted during refractive cataract surgery and clear (human) crystalline lens refractive surgery and adjusted post-surgically. The implant comprises relatively soft but compressible and resilient base annulus designed to fit in the lens capsule and keep the lens c ...

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A folding table is disclosed. The table includes legs pivotably connected to the underside of a table surface so that when the table is folded, the legs lay flat against the underside of the table. A locking mechanism is provided to lock the legs in an unfolded position, and a release mechanism is p ...

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A compression garment for selective application for treatment of lymphedema and related illnesses manifested at various locations of the body. The garment includes a pair or series of layers of hermetically sealed material, that can capture pressurized air, when applied therein, and is formed throug ...

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A change is effected in the refractive power (spherical and astigmatical) of an intraocular implant of the type having a lens, either formed of a series of laminates of material, or having a lens that is coated with material, said material, when subject to laser energy providing for its expansion or ...

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This invention contemplates the use of a surgical laser device characterized by ultra-violet or infrared radiation to achieve controlled trabeculodissection in selected regions of the trabecular meshwork and Schlemm's Canal. The surgical laser is positioned over the corneoscleral bed for non-contact ...

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A threaded fastener is having a raised area or bump on a thread flank. The flank can be positioned on the nut thread or on the bolt thread. The bump forces the mating threads at least on one flank to have near zero tolerances along the pitchline of the threads and thereby eliminating play.

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A cluster mount, formed of a bearing plate, a bracket that engages with the bearing plate by means of fasteners, and resilient retention clips that are permanently secured to the cluster mount at positions for snugly retaining associated connecting links in place once the cluster mount components ar ...