Patrick J Ryan, Michael A Davis, Donald L Melchior: Liposomes containing modified cholesterol for organ targeting. Trustees University of Massachusetts, Paul J Cook, October 1, 1985: US04544545 (549 worldwide citation)

Phospholipid liposomes are provided having an outer layer including a cholesterol derivative such as a cholesterol ester and an aqueous medium confined by the layer which includes a tracer agent, a cytoxic agent or a therapeutic agent. The liposomes are adapted for specific organ targeting.

Patrick J Ryan, Michael A Davis, Donald L Melchior: Lipisomes containing gas for ultrasound detection. Trustees of the University of Massachusetts, Paul J Cook, February 13, 1990: US04900540 (250 worldwide citation)

Phospholipid liposomes are provided having a lipid bilayer surrounding a confined composition which includes a gas or a gas precursor. The liposomes can be administered to a patient and can be detected in vivo by ultrasound techniques which permit organ imaging.

Anthony J Giuffrida, Anil D Jha, Gary C Ganzi: Electrodeionization apparatus. Millipore Corporation, Andrew T Karnakis, Paul J Cook, December 30, 1986: US04632745 (173 worldwide citation)

An electrodeionization apparatus and process are provided for removing ions from liquids. Liquid to be purified is passed through depleting compartments containing mixed anion and cation exchange resin beads while a second liquid is passed through concentrating compartments free of ion exchange resi ...

Ioannis V Yannas: Multilayer bioreplaceable blood vessel prosthesis. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Paul J Cook, February 20, 1990: US04902289 (170 worldwide citation)

Process for forming a multilayer blood vessel prosthesis. Each layer is formed from bioreplaceable materials which include those produced by contacting collagen with an aminopolysaccharide and subsequently covalently crosslinking the resluting polymer, polymers of hydroxyacetic acid and the like. Cr ...

Michael J Steuck: Porous membrane having hydrophilic surface and process. Millipore Corporation, Andrew T Karnakis, Paul J Cook, October 21, 1986: US04618533 (168 worldwide citation)

A composite porous membrane is formed from a porous polymeric membrane having desired bulk properties on which is directly coated a cross-linked polymer having desired surface properties. The composites membrane retains the porosity of the porous polymeric membrane. A preferred composite porous memb ...

Joachim Kohn, Robert S Langer: Non-peptide polyamino acid bioerodible polymers. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Paul J Cook, January 20, 1987: US04638045 (161 worldwide citation)

A novel bioerodible polymeric composition is provided comprising a plurality of monomer units of two or three amino acids which are polymerized via hydrolytically labile bonds at their respective side chains rather than at the amino or carboxylic acid terminals by amide bonds. Such polymers are usef ...

Daniel P Walsh: Process for forming polyimide-metal laminates. Polyonics Corporation, Paul J Cook, December 26, 1995: US05478462 (148 worldwide citation)

Polyimide-metal laminates are formed by etching the surfaces of a polyimide web with a glycol-containing etchant followed by electroless nickel or cobalt deposition and then by copper per deposition. The glycol containing etchant can be utilized to form through holes through the web.

Michal E Osband, Joy A Cavagnaro: Process for producing human antibodies. Trustees of Boston University, Paul J Cook, December 29, 1987: US04716111 (137 worldwide citation)

Human antibodies are provided by collecting the mononuclear cells from human blood, removing suppressor T-cells and exposing the remaining lymphocyte cells to an antigen, autologous serum of the human patient and a nonspecific lymphocyte activator.

Douglas P Wittmer, Michael J Tomany, Joseph A Jarell: Insulated needle for forming an electrospray. Millipore Corporation, Andrew T Karnakis, Paul J Cook, June 29, 1993: US05223226 (120 worldwide citation)

An electrically insulated needle tip is provided for forming an electrospray from a solution containing a solute sample. The insulated needle tip is positioned between an upstream electrode and a downstream counterelectrode. The solution passes through the needle, emerges from the insulated tip and ...

Francis X Cole, Deborah M Van Voorhis: Immobilized antibody or antigen for immunoassay. Millipore Corporation, David Prashker, Paul J Cook, October 4, 1983: US04407943 (114 worldwide citation)

An antigen or antibody and an immunochemically neutral protein are immobilized in two stages on a microporous membrane coated with a protein such as zein or collagen. Immobilized antigen to Toxoplasma gondii is used in an immunoassay to detect the presence of antibody to Toxoplasma gondii in serum. ...