Johnnie L Hathman: Protective reclosable wound dressing. Paul H Ware, February 11, 1992: US05086763 (207 worldwide citation)

A disposable, protective reclosable wound dressing or bandage providing wound access that is easy to apply and/or open without disturbing a protective crust of blood and serum that forms over a wound, said crust being more commonly called a scab. In addition, it is convenient to apply medication wit ...

Norman C Nelson: Rechargeable flashlight. Kel Lite, Gene W Arant, Paul H Ware, November 2, 1982: US04357648 (88 worldwide citation)

A flashlight is equipped with rechargeable batteries inside its main housing. A removable tail cap contains an electronic circuit for recharging the batteries, the circuit being actuated and energized by means of a switch assembly which is accessible through the outer end of the tail cap.

Michael N Ernstoff, William C Hoffman, Richard N Winner: Liquid crystal dot color display. Hughes Aircraft Company, Paul H Ware, W H MacAllister, February 8, 1977: US04006968 (68 worldwide citation)

A solid state dot sequential color display device is disclosed. A color image is formed in a liquid crystal display panel by breaking each picture element up into its three primary color components and presenting them in an adjacent manner. The space occupied by a trio of primary color elements is s ...

Johnnie L Hathman: Disposable wound dressing permitting non-invasive examination. Paul H Ware, December 30, 1997: US05702356 (62 worldwide citation)

A dressing for wounds that permits a cover member to be repeatedly unsealed or opened for inspection, medication of the wound or for any other purpose and then repeatedly resealed without loss of integrity of the seal. Opening and resealing may be accomplished by means of a hasp comprising a latch a ...

C Bradford Penney, Raymond L Sharrah: Archery shooting bow with stabilizing flashlight. Streamlight, Gene W Arant, Paul H Ware, February 3, 1987: US04640258 (54 worldwide citation)

An archery shooting bow having an elongated cylindrical flashlight mounted thereupon and oriented so as to both provide forward illumination for the archer in the general direction in which an arrow may be shot from the bow and also so as to serve as a stabilizer for the bow.

Robert L Macosko: Baseball pitching target. Paul H Ware, February 5, 1985: US04497485 (47 worldwide citation)

A baseball pitching target comprising a rectangular peripheral tubular frame supported by support members staked to the ground and having a mesh backstop itself having an insert that represents such target indicia as the catcher's chest protector, shoulder pads and knee protector pads and mitt. Pitc ...

Paul R Smargiassi: Respirator system and method. Bourns, Paul H Ware, William G Becker, February 27, 1979: US04141356 (47 worldwide citation)

A respirator system with both assisted and spontaneous breathing modes. A control circuit responds to the patient's breathing pattern to alternate the system between the two modes in accordance with a predetermined alternation pattern. The control circuit is adjustable, enabling the frequency of ass ...

Robert L Pitchford Jr: Timed automatic pet feed and water dispenser. Paul H Ware, May 19, 1987: US04665862 (44 worldwide citation)

A timed, automatic pet food and water dispenser (10) which incorporates a leveraged loading storage bin (28,12) for receiving a supply of particulate pet feed and having means for mixing water with said particulate feed (62,20,70) therewith to produce a gravy and a softening of said particulate feed ...

Thomas W Wing: Linear motor massage apparatus. Gene W Arant, Paul H Ware, October 29, 1985: US04549535 (44 worldwide citation)

A linear motor apparatus capable of delivery of single or multiple impacts to the body so as to provide massage or other treatment. Frequency, duration and force of impact are operator controlled variables. Resonances may be set up in body tissue material so as to result in standing waves in said bo ...

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A compensator valve for use with a respirator/ventilator system having means for permitting patient assisted breathing and also permitting selection of a positive and expiratory pressure (PEEP). The system incorporating the advantages of the present invention generally incorporates an inhalation pha ...