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Plasma processing is accomplished with an improved single electrode reactor apparatus. High and low frequency power supplies are coupled to the single electrode to provide increased process flexibility, control and residue removal. A multi-stage passive filter network is disclosed which performs the ...

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A requesting manager sends a message to its local configuration processor requesting notice of status changes in a general or particular, resource or node. The configuration manager establishes a record in its status monitoring file containing the information from the requesting process' message. Th ...

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A plasma reactor apparatus is disclosed in which plates having channels are used to redistribute gas uniformly over the surface of a wafer being processed in the reactor. Slot means adjacent the plates provide a final baffle to prevent jetstreams in the gas from impinging directly on the wafer.

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An improved plasma reaction chamber is described in which the interior electrode is readily removed. The interior electrode may comprise a variety of materials, including metallized plastic, thus enabling a disposable electrode and a greater variety of plasmas to be used.

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A gas inlet having a non-uniform array of inlet holes for the non-uniform introduction of an etching gas into a reaction chamber of a dry etching apparatus. The non-uniform introduction of gas compensates for non-uniform characteristics in the dry etching apparatus resulting in a uniform etch.

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An employee eligible to participate in a pension plan is loaned up to the full employee contribution to the plan, thereby encouraging participation in the pension plan. This "Participation Loan" includes periodic payments to the employee until employment ceases, the employee retires, or the loan ter ...

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An EL lamp is driven by a power supply including a voltage boost circuit and a low power inverter. The boost circuit includes a level shifting capacitor to provide voltage doubling. The inverter includes an inductor and at least one transistor connected in series between the output of the boost circ ...

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An electronic ballast includes an AC to DC converter for power factor correction, a bulk capacitor for storing energy from the converter, and a microprocessor controlled, half-bridge inverter including a series resonant, direct coupled output. Input ports of the microprocessor are coupled to several ...

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A plasma reactor and a process for operating a plasma reactor are disclosed. The reactor comprises parallel plates in which one plate is connected to a source of high frequency signal and a second plate is connected to a source of low frequency signal. Control apparatus modulates one or both signals ...

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A digitally controlled electronic ballast, on command, optically transmits its identification signature or other data by CW modulation of the luminosity of one or more lamps connected to the ballast. The data is transmitted by momentarily interrupting the lamp current to mark the beginning and the e ...