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A system for determining the position of an object to be protected using a local or global positioning system and issuing messages to a monitoring message center at predetermined times and/or at times when the object to be protected is under an alert condition, such as being outside an allowed posit ...

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A system and method for controlling and monitoring externally administered breathing air pressure in a series of cycles. During each cycle, the breathing air pressure starts at a base value and is slowly and progressively increased then rapidly reduced to the base value. If the control and monitorin ...

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A new type of payment card includes a magnetically controlled display for visually reading magnetically recorded information such as current balance or available service value of the payment card. The required electronic and mechanical interface can be added to existing payment card handling equipme ...

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A safety device and an alarm system controller of a workspace providing bidirectional communication for determining whether the required safety devices are used by the work persons entering the workspace, and whether the safety devices are properly worn. The communication means used allow to associa ...

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An apparatus and a method for searching through a parse tree of a source code of a computer program use a new type of parse tree including all computational as well as non-computational entries. The new type of parse tree in combination with a new query language and query language processor provide ...

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A storage module drive with motor, actuator and electronic interface circuit has provisions to receive one or more storage modules. A storage module includes in an enclosure a storage disk, transducers and coupling means to link the storage disk to the motor in the module drive.

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A flexure supported actuator arm carries a plurality of transducer means, each connected to the actuator arm by one flexure; all transducer means are loaded or unloaded by a common lifting mechanism.

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The wrist and carpal protective glove includes a tubular section with padding enclosing the wrist region of an operator of control devices of computers or similar control equipment as protection against thermal and mechanical damage of the hand due to moving over a hard and cold desk surface. A thum ...

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The process for enhancing images of scanned documents identifies a variety of items in the scanned document which could make optical character recognition and other document image processing difficult or impossible. These items include identifying skew, registration, speck, lines intersecting printe ...

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A safety device and a supply power controller of a machine tool providing bidirectional communication for determining whether the safety device is appropriate for the particular machine tool, and whether the safety device is properly worn. The communication means used allow to associate one safety d ...