Hsieh S Hou: Compressed data multiple description transmission and resolution conversion system. The Aerospace Corporation, Ocean Law, Paul D Chancellor, May 18, 2010: US07720299 (2 worldwide citation)

A system provides lossless split and merge processes of integer discrete cosine transform (DCT) transformed data such that the discrete cosine transform of one data block may be split into two half length DCT odd and even blocks for merging, with split and merge processes being lossless and are gene ...


Hsieh S Hou: Extended Haar transform. The Aerospace Corporation, Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, September 28, 2010: US07805476 (2 worldwide citation)

A shared lossless Haar transform and an appended Haar transform are combined to form a lossless extended Haar transform in a pipeline architecture for providing fast lossless compressed data that is reversible. The extended Haar transform also provide intrinsic decorrelation for decorrelating correc ...

David J Caldwell, Peter J Carian, Michael A Willhoff: Multimode power module. The Aerospace Corporation, Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, August 4, 2015: US09099759 (2 worldwide citation)

A multimode power module system automatically selects one of multiple operating modes to maximize power transfer in varying conditions by using direct energy transfer, boost peak power tracking, buck peak power tracking, charge limit, and eclipse standby modes with reduced switching losses, reduced ...

Joseph Ethan Rosenkrantz, Gifford Hesketh: Managed notification system. FACEFIRST, Ocean Law, Paul D Chancellor, August 2, 2016: US09405968 (1 worldwide citation)

A managed notification system compares image(s) and/or indicia relating to the image(s) and where there is a match selectively provides a notification of the same.

Joseph Ethan Rosenkrantz: Managed biometric-based notification system and method. FaceFirst, Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, September 22, 2015: US09141863 (1 worldwide citation)

A managed biometric-based notification system and method is provided. The system includes at least one image acquiring system adapted to capture a first content comprising a feature set, a comparison module including at least one processor, at least one database comprising a second content, the seco ...

Claude Michael Kalev, Heath F Hofmann: Electromechanical flywheel. ROTONIX HONG KONG, Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, September 29, 2015: US09148037 (1 worldwide citation)

An electromechanical flywheel machine includes a flywheel mass and a motor-generator having a rotor rotatable about a stationery inner stator having stator windings.

Claude Michael Kalev: Electromechanical flywheel with evacuation system. Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, July 7, 2015: US09077211 (1 worldwide citation)

An electromechanical flywheel machine includes a flywheel mass enclosed in an evacuable housing and an eƗternal gas removal train.

Mark Strachan: Music shaper. Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, September 5, 2017: US09754570 (1 worldwide citation)

A music composition, editing, and playback system and method provides a user interface design based on geometric interpretation of music theory replacing traditional modern music notation with geometric shapes including chords represented by polygons that are colored with colors or hues.

Gregory C Rouse, John F Kelly: Campus energy manager. Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, July 15, 2014: US08781638 (1 worldwide citation)

An energy management system serves an arbitrary collection of loads via interfacing with related field devices and external information sources and responding to events including pricing events, demand response events, and carbon reduction events by managing the loads and local generation.