Michael Holland: Coaxial connector with ingress reduction shield. Holland Electronics, Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, November 3, 2015: US09178317 (5 worldwide citation)

A coaxial connector with an F female waveguide is configured to limit exchange of certain RF signals.

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An electronic device for analyzing signal content derived from audible events, the device aiding the hearing impaired by annunciating events of interest including dangerous events. The device detects the presence of an event of interest by comparing characteristics of detected acoustic events with p ...

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A practice bat including a free sliding region provides a means for training batters to improve swing quality.

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A communications system reduces downconverter inaccuracies in time-domain measurements or samples of received microwave communications I and Q complex signals by converting received signal to baseband taking measurements or samples of the I and Q waveforms at differing phase shifts of a demodulating ...

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The present invention provides an electro-mechanical energy exchange system with a variable speed synchronous reluctance motor-generator having an all-metal rotor. A bi-directional AC-to-DC electric power converter interconnects the motor-generator with a DC bus. First and second hybrid controllers ...

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A coaxial cable connector including a continuity element extending between a nut shroud and a body base.

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This invention relates generally to a packet recovery algorithm for real-time (live) multi-media communication over packet-switched networks, such as the Internet. Such multi-media communication includes video, audio, data or any combination thereof. More specifically, the invention comprises a forw ...

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Disclosed is a method for treating a feed gas stream rich in hydrogen sulfide by partially combusting the feed gas stream rich in hydrogen sulfide with an oxygen-enriched gas in a Claus reaction furnace to produce to a combustion reaction product stream containing sulfur. The combustion reaction pro ...

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A coaxial connector has a selectively engageable radio frequency interference shield.

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A shielded coaxial connector including a central conductor and a waveguide to shield the central conductor from RF signals.