Robert Bowman Morgan Jr: Cyber sports exercise system. Ocean Law, Paul D Chancellor, December 16, 2008: US07465257 (14 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an exercise system including an exercise device and an interactive game environment. An enclosure receives an exercise device and the exercise device receives a theme element. Sensors, transducers, and a man-machine interface are interconnected by a controller which op ...

Michael R Libonati: Ball sports training aid. Ocean Law, Paul D Chancellor, November 20, 2007: US07297078 (13 worldwide citation)

A ball sports training aid includes a shaft and a slidably engaged replica sports ball assembly with an integral damper that is actuated when a player swings the shaft. Integral swing diagnostics means indicate correct batting, pitching and throwing techniques.

Robert Modisette: Powder coating compositions containing POSS compounds. Conano Corporation, Jeffrey F Craft, Paul D Chancellor, August 30, 2005: US06936663 (13 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a powder coating composition containing a powder coating resin and a polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (“POSS”) compound.

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Disclosed is a lighting system supporting multiple independently controlled zones utilizing a plurality of semiconductor switches coupled to a plurality of transformers to produce a non-sinusoidal power output and controlled by a digital controller that receives feedback from each zone in order to a ...

Michael Holland: Moving part coaxial cable connectors. Holland Electronics, Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, September 15, 2015: US09136629 (11 worldwide citation)

A female F connector incorporates a nose protruding from an end of the connector and the nose is urged to protrude by a spring.

George Goebel, Reed Gibson, Michael Holland: Shielded and multishielded coaxial connectors. Holland Electronics, Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, August 18, 2015: US09112323 (10 worldwide citation)

A shielded coaxial connector with a moveable center conductor and a stationary center conductor, the center conductors forming a disconnect switch that interoperates with a waveguide to shield one of the center conductors from radio frequency signals such as radio frequency signals carried by the ot ...

David P Jackson: Apparatus and process for the treatment, delivery and recycle of process fluids used in dense phase carbon dioxide applications. Jeffrey F Craft, Paul D Chancellor, December 27, 2005: US06979362 (10 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates generally to providing an apparatus for on-site CO2 process fluids management. A standardized and universal platform is described which provides CO2 process fluids at various capacities, purity levels, pressures, temperatures and phases. Moreover, herein is described an ...

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A method and system to automatically restart a permanent magnet turbogenerator/motor when a fatal fault is detected. The automatic restart logic includes time constraints and limitations on the number of iterations, and is useful regardless of whether the permanent magnet turbogenerator/motor is in ...

Allen Epstein: Method for teaching. Paul D Chancellor, Ocean Law, September 20, 2011: US08021164 (9 worldwide citation)

Aspects of the present invention include one or more of capturing educational presentations by presenters using instructional aids, making productions of these presentations available over an Internet connection to consumers of educational services, aiding selection of a particular topic and a parti ...