Jerry Washington, Dewayne Washington: System and method for generating power. Paul A Guss, September 19, 2006: US07108095 (28 worldwide citation)

A system and method for generating power includes a motor assembly, an inertia-assisted, torque-enhanced gearbox, including a flywheel assembly and a clutch assembly, and a generator assembly. The motor assembly is used to drive the flywheel assembly up to the generator's designed operating speed. W ...

Yoshihide Shibano: Pressurized ultrasonic cleaning apparatus. Paul A Guss, September 5, 1995: US05447171 (28 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic cleaning tank has a tank body for accommodating a cleaning solution, an ultrasonic vibrator housed in a sealing container mounted on a bottom wall of the tank body, and an openable lid for sealingly closing the tank body when a workpiece to be cleaned is immersed in the cleaning soluti ...

Hirohide Miwa, Masato Kino: Ultrasonic wave irradiation apparatus. Miwa Science Laboratory, Paul A Guss, September 17, 2002: US06450979 (28 worldwide citation)

This invention discloses an equipment for lipolysis of fat of a living body by ultrasound sonication. An effective ultrasound is characterized in low frequency 15-140 kHz region, by an intensity when in a range of 15-50 kHz, which is greater than 10 mw/cm

Keiichiro Naito, Yoshimoto Taneya, Taku Tomita, Hitoshi Hamasaki: Chuck and tube joint. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, January 15, 2008: US07318609 (27 worldwide citation)

A chuck includes an annular ring portion, a first engaging portion which extends along a central axis of the annular ring portion and which engages with the first tube joint member, and a second engaging portion which extends from the annular ring portion along the central axis of the annular ring p ...

Takeshi Sasaki, Hidenori Tashiro, Yosuke Tamuro: Respiration control apparatus. Anzai Medical Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, November 11, 2008: US07448381 (26 worldwide citation)

A respiration control apparatus connected to a controlled body includes a respiration circuit having an inhalation circuit and an exhalation circuit. The inhalation circuit includes a first solenoid-operated valve and a first check valve. The exhalation circuit includes a vent valve, a dehumidifying ...

Yoshimi Baba: System for monitoring network for cracker attack. Paul A Guss, May 23, 2006: US07051369 (25 worldwide citation)

A sensor is provided at the gateway of a local area network for successively acquiring IP packets passing through the gateway. The sensor detects various cracker attacks against the network based on the acquired IP packets. Information as to attacks detected by the sensor is given to a director whic ...

Tetsuya Matsukata: Portable information terminal, recording medium and program. Sony Computer Entertainment, Paul A Guss, April 1, 2003: US06540606 (24 worldwide citation)

A portable information terminal has, as its functions, a path display unit for successively displaying a path depending on operation of direction keys, a character display unit for displaying at least one imaginary character on a display unit, a comparing unit for comparing the input timing of a con ...

Fumio Morikawa: Solenoid-operated valve actuating controller. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, October 12, 2010: US07813101 (23 worldwide citation)

A solenoid-operated valve actuating controller actuates a solenoid-operated valve by energizing an actuating coil of the solenoid-operated valve in a rated mode, enough to move a movable member in the actuating coil, during a first period. Further, the actuating coil is energized in a power saving m ...

Ryoji Isawa: Welding method of aluminum foil. Seiwa Mfg, Paul A Guss, June 28, 1994: US05324910 (22 worldwide citation)

A welding method of an aluminum foil, which permits the direct resistance welding of an aluminum foil, with a chemical conversion coated layer of Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 formed thereon, to a lead wire, includes placing an aluminum foil, with a chemical conversion coated layer formed on the surface thereof, ...

Naoto Inayama, Masao Kajitani: Fluid pressure regulator. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, August 24, 2004: US06779541 (22 worldwide citation)

A fluid pressure regulator has a program controller, a PID controller, a second PID controller, a drive controller, a solenoid-operated valve for supplying a fluid, a solenoid-operated valve for discharging a fluid, a diaphragm, a main valve, and a pressure sensor. Based on a desired preset value an ...