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An adjustable staple to be used in bone surgery, comprising a horizontally laying U-shaped member having upper and lower arms wherein the lower arm is movable parallel to itself, and relative to the upper arm, and with the upper arm being fixed, a connecting segment between the arms, including means ...

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A communication system transmits data between a plurality of locations. The communication system is suitable for use by a utility provider to monitor a plurality of metering devices from a remote location. The communication system in accordance with use by a utility provider to monitor metering devi ...

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A medical electrode for stimulation iontophoresis monitoring and grounding electrical contact application to the skin surface of humans and animals may be provided having an electrically conductive substrate for interfacing with the skin, an electrically conductive stranded material may be secured t ...

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A remote control system including infrared transmission means for coupling control signals simultaneously to remotely located instruments from a central station via either a plurality of modulated carriers or digital code words which carry the control information. The remote control system further i ...

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An internal identification apparatus for animals surely stays in a ruminant without injuring the ruminant. After the ruminant is slaughtered, the apparatus is easily located and collected. The apparatus stays in the first or second stomach of the ruminant. The apparatus has a casing (1) made from ma ...

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Thin semiconductor device, especially a thin package, which reduces and achieves uniform mounting height, not requiring mounting of individual chips, improves manufacturing yield, without being affected by variation in chip thickness, enables testing alltogether, and process for producing same, the ...

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Described is a water purification device having an intake funnel (1), a sleeve (2) which is sealingly connected thereto and an insert which has approximately cylindrical side walls (4), a filter cover (5) and a filter bottom (6) and in which a granulate-type purification agent can be introduced.

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A blind latching system secures a closure element to a storage structure. A keeper sub-assembly is mounted in a fixed position for engagement by a latch sub-assembly which is affixed to and moves with the closure element. The keeper sub-assembly includes a keeper pin defining a generally elongated s ...

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A reliable and inexpensive method has been developed to continually regulate the blood pressure of mammals at virtually any desired level. The pressure thus regulated may be maintained within 10 mm Hg tolerances. The method may be carried out by a closed loop apparatus with which (1) the actual bloo ...

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An improved electrical box extension can be used to easily and securely mount an electrical device, such as a switch or electric outlet, flush with a new surface installed over an existing surface, using an existing electrical box which is fixed within the existing surface. The electrical box extens ...